• I don't know, but while you're here, could you also tell me if I'll pass my drug test after smoking an ounce of weed, what this pill is that says M-50 on the side, and if I'm pregnant?
  • It's no different than "my [insert brand here] computer won't boot - what's the problem?"
  • Once was quite enough for me. Not very bright when these self-same computer genius' can't even figure out the "search" feature. Or google, even. Ah, if ONLY they'd spend as much time studying as they do trying to figure out how to circumvent the system.
  • use a proyy website to bypass your school blocking softeware
  • I thought my questions rattled more users than this one. (Yes, you may downrate this answer if you don't like it. I don't particularly care often about whether my questions get downrated.

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