• No, I think I would be a bit embarassed as well. It was nice of her to clean, but maybe in the future she could avoid cleaning the bedroom.
  • I wouldn't say "wrong" at all! But I'm sure it wasn't anything she was surprised at. The woman wears underwear herself, it's nothing she's never seen before. She has a son. Sex is not a mystery to her ^_^
  • I would I guess but then again you don't have to feel ambarassed but just remember to clean up before you guys went out next time.
  • You should seriously discuss setting boundaries. Unless you live in her house she has no business being in your home while you are away. I wouldn't be embarrassed as it is her son who likes your unmentionables O_o
  • If they were in her house, then you have nothing to be upset about. If it was your house, I'd have a talk with her.
  • Hey look at it this way... you were not in it at the time. You should not be humiliated... Just do not let her see you wearing it.
  • Unless you live with your mother-in-law, this is a serious invasion of privacy. She may say that she had only good intentions, but what better way to snoop around? Explain to her that you are just so grateful for the help around the house, but it would be great if she gave you advance warning next time. In this way neither one of you has to be potentially uncomfortable by what happens when she cleans. Good question +3
  • I like my privacy,so I'd be pissed.You or your boyfriend need to set boundaries with her.
  • If it is his Mom's house, yeah, that's humiliating! If it's your house, that's ballsy of his Mom!
  • No... Well, maybe a little... Next time you guys leave and she's there, don't leave your lingere on the floor with the "regular" dirty clothes! (Kinda funny that the underwear/g-strings she problably cleaned didn't embarrass you as much - At least you didn't MENTION it! ;-) ) Heck... She's seen it all before. I'm SURE she's seen Victoria's Secret and other catalogs. Unless she's a prude... LOL
  • I can understand the embarrassment, but it seems like her intentions were in the right place. She could have done all the snooping she wanted to without doing any housework. It sounds like she wanted to make a nice gesture. It may even make you two closer. Id' just be careful with the "naughty" things in the future.
  • naawwwww, nice of her to clean up your place. We all wear ginch, she does too, we are all just people with underwear, etc let it go
  • I think she was just being nice and showing affection for you. I'd be grateful that she was nice and understanding as well. She could have thrown a fit and demanded you clean up the dirty clothes. To return the favor, why not cook a nice meal for her one day when she's out?
  • I'm just surprised you get to know she found them.
  • I would be humiliated too.
  • Dont be humiliated, now she knows you keep him happy, thats a good thing!
  • I don't think you're wrong, but I do think this will probably be something you can laugh about later, if not now.
  • you have the right to be embarassed. i would have been too, but if she was okay with should try and be too! :]
  • Absolutely intrusive of her! You need to say something to him about addressing this with his mother to prevent that kind of "help" from ever occurring again. She had NO BUSINESS cleaning your house, if it was your matter what she says about trying to help out. If this was in her house, she has a right to clean up...but should NOT be cleaning her son's bedroom....

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