• I asked a question for the AB'ers on here to Thank a User for me because she re-did my Profile. She took her time and did an excellent job. I got alot of DR's on it but i think they were just Jealous :)
  • Don't know. Like an hour ago, apparently. Again, I don't know :) I think I said something about not knowing what to do with my future. Oh wells.
  • I don't remember but it has been a while. It was just a random drive by down rating because everyone who answered I think was hit in the cross fire.
  • I get downrated for my opinions with frequency. It's usually a troll or someone who didn't like that I disputed their accuracy.
  • My most recent downrating is also my most recent feedback. I got a -2 only six minutes ago, and surprise,'s an answer to a question about "Christian beliefs."
  • I don't know. I never go back and look or notice.
  • I made a crack about about Darwin in a religious thread...go figure.
  • I don't really check, but I think it might have been when I answered a question about supporting gay marriage. Surprise surprise. -Tut-
  • I just turned the ratings thing on, and irony or ironies, someone -3d my answer to, "Why don't we all just shut up about Down rating??? ok, someone downrated you, so what?" HAHAHAHA. Considering the question I'm answering right now, that is priceless. I feel like thanking the downrater for helping me with this answer, LOL See? it's true - there's a silver lining to almost every cloud. You just gotta have the right perspective.
  • Yesterday, when I pointed out that marijuana is not an hallucinogen.
  • Woman asked a silly question about giving a broken cell phone to her husband who now wants to press charges against her for it, and she's asking if he can do this. I said "Yes, you're looking at about 20 years for this." Two people DR'd me in ten minutes!
  • Friday, a petite fluer felt I was picking on her.
  • Last week. I had downrated an answer to one of my questions for its pure avaoidance of the question itself, been courteous enough to offer a reason for my my downrate, and was lashed at for my *gasp* honesty. I am sure it wouldn't have happened if I had not fessed up to my downrate. Ah well. Here it is:
  • yesterday when i answered what was right about marilon manson... come on the question was what is wrong with him so you gotta expect all sorts of answers right?!? haha not too worried
  • For me, the quality of answers are more important than the ratings........
  • It rarely makes any sense. When it is for something that no one should have any objection to, I assume it is really a lurker who wants to make a point about something else. Lol...which is retarded because of course I won't know what you were mad about, you dumb s.o.b. Before then, somebody got angry because they didn't think it was funny that I proposed that diet soda should be considered a vitamin. I...think they thought I was serious. Well ACTUALLY, I looked back and the whiner must have gotten my answer stricken! Be damned. Apparently if you are not a hyper-alarmist about diet soda, your opinion should be stricken.
  • i've gotten down rated all day for every single answer i've given....not sure why~must have made someone mad or something :( up until today, i think i've gotten 2 or 3 the entire time i've been on ab~ guess the law of averages is catching up, huh so........go on ahead and d/r if you must.....if it makes you feel that much better! and make sure not to offer an explanation ok......
  • A couple of days ago. Apparently someone didn't like what I said. Isn't that the usual reason?
  • See . The question that I answered was at . So because I pointed THAT answer to the first one, then THAT one was flagged as a dupe, I got DRed, I guess! Before that was for answering a (what appeared to be) vendetta question now flagged as spam/offensive, basically attempting to tell the questioner off.
  • I don't know when the last time I was down rated was because I have my ratings turned off. As far as I know, I never get down rated. LOL I, honestly, can't remember what I was last down rated for, but I get down rates on certain questions all the time. Religious or political questions are the one's I normally get dinged on.
  • ... it got two +6 uprates, then two -3 downrates ...
  • Yesterday, for a sarcastic/cynical answer to a question. What can I say, there were enough serious answers to suffice, I thought! :) ref:
  • A few hours ago. A -5 for a question concerning Venezuelan President Chavez.

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