• "by jimminy, I said dagnabit !". I just happened to see a big old gumball machine the other day. You know the type that had those big gumballs we use to get for a penny. Well now they're a quarter. Yup, I got suckered into spending a quarter for a stale gumball.
    • Roaring
      did you at least get to see it spiraling around down to the door? Yes stale hollow gumballs. Puts a smile on my face
    • Ice man
      Yes that's exactly the type of machine & gumball. : )
  • My mom had a boyfriend that filled those gumball machines! I never knew his name. He was the gumball man! Just another perv in a long line of pervs dating a mentally damaged woman to get at her 7 daughters! I can't think of an old fashioned word I've used lately so I'll choose groovy. I said it out loud just now to make it official with baby behind it because it belongs! Ain't that groovy baby?!
  • "Thereby." So by that means, I still use old-fashioned English.

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