• Even people with the same height and weight can be proportioned differently. Some might be taller in the legs other taller in the torso. You could ask the store if they have gift receipts. That way she would be able to exchange anything that doesn't fit. Or you could get her a gift certificate and let her choose what she wants.
  • Just sneak a peek at the tag in a pair of jeans she already owns while she's sleeping or something. There's really no way anyone's going to be able to guess or estimate what size jeans to get her, and unless you're pretty close to the mark, you may inadvertently end up insulting her.
  • Ask her mum to have a sneaky look at her other jeans and then contact you or get a gift voucher from a shop and explain you didn't know her size.
  • I'm 5'2 ish and I weigh around 100, but I wear a 3 because I am bottom heavy... sometimes a 5... sometimes even a 1. It varies.
  • The sizes of jeans vary between stores, brands, and even within the same brand in the same store. A girl can try on twelve pairs of jeans that are "her size," and none of them will fit right. There are few things in life more frustrating than trying to find a good pair of jeans. Are you sure you don't want to go for something simpler? If you really want to get her jeans, you should see if she has a favorite style from a store that doesn't change them often. If not, you would probably be better off getting her a gift certificate or taking her shopping yourself. If you don't like shopping, you will both have more fun with the gift certificate.
  • Word of advice coming from experience... NEVER buy your woman pants or dresses. A shirt, sweater, possibly sexy lingerie every so often... ok! BUT NO JEANS! If you get the size too big... you're accused of thinking she's fat. If you get the size too small... you're accused of wanting her to be thinner. Woman tend to like their jeans to fit a certain way to either hide or accentuate certain elements of their figure. Even if you do get the right size... she probably won't wear them unless they make her butt look just right. Best thing to do... purchase a gift card and let her do her own shopping. ;)
  • about a 3
  • Unless you are buying a certain brand & style you know she likes, go for the gift card. I am about the same size, and have jeans from size 1 regular to size 8 petite. It all depends on the make, cut and how her body weight is proportioned. Also, you need to know that even numbered sizes are usually women's and odd sizes are typically juniors (which are usually proportioned slimmer).
  • Jeans are not something that a person can give as a gift. Most jeans are cut a specific way and some are meant to flatter a figure in certain regards. If you really want to make her happy, get her a gift certificate to a store that sells the jeans you like and go with her to pick them out. She will love putting on a fashion show for you outside the fitting room.
  • Just give your gf 2 times the size of her... she will automatically tell you her size.
  • you would do better buying her some bib overalls.
  • size 9 is a good place to start .have you tried the gap outlet?great deals on jeans
  • Without reading the other responses, I think you're intentions are great but you might be walking into a minefield If you get them too small, she'll assume you want her to lose weight and she'll think you think she can stand to lose some weight. If you get them too large, she'll think you think she's heavier than she is. This isn't your intention but it could very well be construed this way. I would say, that if you're able to see the brand and size (different brands fit differently) of her jeans at her place, this is your best bet. Good luck.
  • Surprise her by offering to take her to the store and let her pick out what she likes and pay for it. That way she will get the proper size and style she wants.
  • Not a good move, bud, unless she happens to be REALLY fond of Levi's. And the only reason I say that is because they print the size and type of jean on the brand patch on the back. So, unless you KNOW she wears 405s in a 28x29, you're playing on dangerous ground. Read Jay's answer.
  • Bad idea. There is so much more to fitting jeans than getting the size right. Offer to take hr to the store and buy a couple of pairs but don't surprise her with the jeans. It's a BIG mistake
  • Yeah, ask her what her pants size is.

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