• So, what is your question? How to get away with a crime and to get back in the military? Get another lawyer. If not, try for the National Guard. They seem to accept everyone.
  • dump the one you have and get a better one.they cost more but sounds like you need one thats gonna help you good luck
  • If your lawyer is not repersentng you to the best of his ability you can fire him and get a new one, even if he is a public defender. Keep in mind though, that the very best lawyer can't do too much to help if all the evidence is completly stacked agaisnt you.
  • First, did you commit the crime? If you did and this is your first arrest, pleading guilty will probably get you probation and restitution of the money. If you are covicted of the charge, the military will probably give you a dishonorable discharge.

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