• 1. Go and sign up with a real email address using the link above.(I would suggest making a new email for this account or else you will get a lot of spam.) 2. Use fake info.(Go here 3. Download the free roboform toolbar and input the fake info on it. ( 4. Download CCleaner to help clear cookies. ( 5. Do surveys to get points. You will only need to get 10 points in order to get 200 astros. This is not a scam. Once you get your points, just redeem any prize you want!
  • This is a PrizeRebel hack that will give you 500 points for FREE. To boost your points please follow the instructions below: 1) First you MUST sign up to PrizeRebel using this link: ( *IF YOU DON'T SIGN UP ON THE LINK ABOVE YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BOOST YOUR POINTS* 2) Get at least 20 points by completing offers 3) Download the program below 4) Run it and press the 'Boost Points' button 5) Enter your details and press the 'OK' button 6) Wait for it to load 7) When it finishes, login to PrizeRebel and Reload the page and you will see you have 500 points :) Points Booster download link: or This will only work when you have at least 20 points.
  • i like using points2shop it has more ways to earn points than just doing surveys here is a link

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