• 8-30-20176 High-tech is not security. You know when you walk into a store and you hear a bell ring in the back? That is called an annunciator because it announces that someone has entered the store. That is as high-tech as it ever gets, but that is not security. Now imagine that you have spent a few thousand bux on a front door and you have a bell that rings when somebody comes in. How much damage does a burglar have to do before he qualifies to ring the bell? You need to get honest with yourself: do you want security, or fancy equipment? They are not the same thing.
    • Jewels Vern
      Here is an eye opening book written by a professional burglar:
  • I hear commercials for SIMPLI SAFE all the time and it sounds like the best to wiring, etc......go to their site and see....SIMPLISAFE.COM
    • 11stevo73
      cheap wireless cameras gives thieves a way to case your property.
  • A video of a person dressed in black with a balaclava over their face doesn't stop theives jumping the fence and stealing your things. In most cases you wont be able to identify the offender. Vicious dogs, security cameras facing the street will waste your time someone will want you to show them some footage at some point.
  • Purchase it from a high-dollar designer home security company. They will be able to add all of the security features that you might ever want and install them unobtrusively as desired. Of course: you're probably talking six figures...
    • 11stevo73
      Im yet to see any system identify person dressed in black with a balaclava over head destroying the cameras as they roll the building. Sometimes I install cameras ect recently proved the most expesive system that could be brought is useless. If you do not no the offender rarely you will be able to identify the person. I added $30k of lights and sensor lights to said property to try help cameras.
    • depends on the home. Or, more accurately: the identity of the homeowner. What if we have - say - a very well-known Rio de Jeneiro multi-billionaire? He's at high risk of kidnap. His wife and children are at high risk of kidnap. Etc. He needs a lot more than a few cameras intended to help identify burglars after a burglary takes place. He needs a pro-active security system. Alarms. "Safe room". Vault. Probably automatically-sealing partitions. On-site back-up electricity. Etc. *** Sure: the typical US homeowner will never need anything of the sort. But: the question asked about the BEST security system, NOT about the most cost-efficient.
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