• It's generally the way they trim the sides here in Vietnam. I wouldn't say it gives better results, but the stubble grows back much later.
  • Nobodies getting that close to me with anything that sharp.
  • I have shaved with straight razors for 8 years now, Haven't had a barber do it though. You do get a better shave than any other razor provided your razor is honed and stropped properly. The very tip of your chin is the hardest spot to shave with a straight razor which makes me think that may be why goatee's were so poular in the 19th century. I really believe that may be the reason. I don't have a goatee but I have noticed the chin is the hardest part to shave with one.
  • I am coming from the other side of this. I perform Straight razor's shaves in my shop. You will hear horror stories as welll as stories of it being amazing! There is no in between. Research the shop before going in to get a shave. If they charge 5 bucks be weary, however just because they charge 50 doesnt mean it will be a good one. If when you call and ask do you do shaves and you hear a suuure we do those and in the back ground hear umm how much do we charge for shaves does anyone want to do one? Chances are not going to be a good one. If however they say yes so and so here does them when would you like an appointment? Especially if they do what i do and give the first one free. Most states allow it and even in the states that dont allow the standard striaght to be used they allow a disposable straight to be used. A lot of Barber's will try and scare you and say no its illegal and tell you its because of AIDs. These are usually total lies meant to dissaude you from going to ashop that does or make an excuse that they dont like doing them or arnt very good at it into a its illegal thing excuse. Call your states Barber board for the real answer. Most dont do them because they can cut 3 to 4 heads of hair in the time it takes and dont think people are willing to pay for it and others dont want to pay for the insurance. As far as HIV its spread by blood to blood contact or sexual activity. If there were no tattoo shops out there that would be a good arguement, however if your barber shaving you cuts themselves and you they shouldnt be carrying a razor to begin with. As far as previous clients blood the disposable is to be changed after each client showing them that there is a new blade before the shave by only then unwrapping it and injecting it into the handle. One way to tell if they give a good shave is to ask what there pre shave prep involves. In my shave i use a steam towel, then shave oil massaging it into the beard, then i do what is called a double steam which is two steam towels one over the other, then apply a hot lather shave cream massaging it into the beard, then another double steam, followed by Hot lather. Then i perform the shave using light pressure and several differant even long stroke steps in differant directions using with the grain(WTG), cross the grain(XTG), and against the grain(ATG)strokes. After this i apply what is known as a Skin food(skin moisturizer) followed by a steam towel, then i use a ice cold towel to sooth and close the poors, after that i finally put after shave (non-alcohol, alcohol based, and whats known as an after shave milk). Then i raise you up fix your hair and send you on your way. Most people sleep through the shave waking up clean shaven and relaxed with there skin feeling moisturized and smooth to the point they cant stop rubbing there face. Baby butt smooth and soft! You should atleast try it once but be informed before you walk through the door. Check out my site at: Hope this helps Farrell
  • In referance to Chris's post. No auto clave is needed when you use diposable blades and dispose of them properly(cost $0.25 a blade)first off. As far as HIV tattoo artist's use disposables and there is no risk of infection with proper sanitation. The ban on Straight Razor shaves occured in the eighty's when there was little knowledge of the HIV epidemic. Now the barber boards encourage the shave. I am a professional coming from a profession field. We are highly regulated by a barber board in most states. Please do not state things as fact without proper research. Do not generalize a profession unless A. you work for a health department or B. work for the Barber board or are a Barber. Make comments in an opinion format.One of the problems in my industry is because of over generalizations and unfounded opinions stated as fact i do not mean to attack you only to shed light on a re-occuring problem from others online. Barbers do infact know how to cut hair just like cosmetologists do. There are just as many bad Hairstylist's and cosmetologists as there are Barber's. In fact alot of what you think of as salons are actually barbers that do not put the barber pole out in front of the shop because of the stigma people have put on us. Thanks Farrell

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