• never had one
  • Not sure if this restores health. Liquor with different spices added. I read there are different Hot Tobby and one for a cold.
  • It's a Scottish home remedy of a dram of whiskey with a shot of hot water.
  • A warm to hot drink containing alcohol. Alcohol in itself is an analgesic and a sedative. Which may help with some illnesses. But I think more importantly is what you put in your hot toddy. Honey is often used and honey is actually antibiotic so that would restore Health. Also many of the spices that are used are also healthful so it just depends on what you put in your Toddy and whether or not you feel alcohol is healthful in the long run. The steam itself helps with breathing and sore throat issues. Yes, I've used them but more often opt for a non alcoholic version. Honey lemon or herbal teas, etc.

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