• Yes you should do the year over if you fail. Unfortunately you cannot fail here they just put you up to the next grade or class.
  • You should just be stuck there.
  • Why do you feel the need to portray yourself as a News Anchor? What did Shepard Smith ever do to you?
  • It sounds like the child needs a different learning situation. Obviously this one isn't working. Alternative environments should be explored. I do not agree with "social promotion." I believe in learning and education.
  • he should be given help in the classes that is giving the problems. there is a sign that he needs help if he is still in the 7th grade for the third time
  • I think he should be trained to handle a hammer and some nails. He might no be academic, but he might make a superb carpenter, brick layer, or excel in other such trades.
  • Perhaps all of his learning needs have not been met. School is not for everyone, and our society pushes it on us that school is for everyone. That is what the problem is, in my opinion. I have failed quite a bit, and this is my opinion. Not everyone learns the same way, and school seems to think that everyone does, even though they say they know that there are different styles of learning.
  • This student is being failed by the school system and by his parents. There are alternative arrangements for his education and if they have not been offered to him and his family, many people are not doing their jobs. This is not a matter of "social promotion". It is a matter of system breakdown. If this was me, I would get a child advocate involved.
  • Find out the source of the student's problem. Are they not putting in the effort, dyslexic, ADHD, undergoing a series of peer related problems? Find out the source of the problem because a student who has come this far in their education has either reached his potential or is being hindered by something. I think some form of investigation should have been triggered after the 2nd failed attempt.
  • This question is so complex. There have been some good answers already and a few that seem to lack thought. This student may not be failing at all, but not meeting the narrow expectations of the system. Again, he may have differences in learning style that aren't 'wrong' or even a 'problem', but just different. Both his parents and teachers need to sit down and work on this openly. Just 'promoting' him won't help anything. He may end up as one of the many illiterate graduates in the country. I have taught many adults who just fell through the cracks and didn't get the help they needed when they were in school. At some point they begin to believe they're stupid and live up to that expectation. Each person is different. One thing is clear. The sooner those in authority address the issue, the easier and more satisfactorily they will solve the problem. By the way, this applies equally to girls as boys. I use the pronoun 'he' because it is the correct singular word for a person of unknown gender. You will note this in most of my writings; i am not sexist. People of both genders, every race and social standing as well as learning ability deserve a good education. It starts at home. If students are not learning, this is a good place to start investigating. Seventh graders are just starting to be seriously responsible for their own education. It's a team effort. We are all responsible for educating (collectively) our children.
  • Absolutely not. You should be pased for meeting the requirements, not out of frustration or pity. HOWEVER! Obviously this child's needs are not being met. It is up to the school system and his parents to come together and find a solution. Simply throwing up your hands and passing him anyway, despite his obvious lack of achievement, is NOT going to further him in life. So what is the solution? I don't know. I don't know him, or the parents, or the school system, or the other pertinent details and mitigating factors that all weigh so heavily on this issue. But I do know this: enanbling this child will NOT help him become an actualized adult and a contributing memeber of society. In actuality, it will harm him far more.

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