• Do landlords like that actually exist?
  • I'm a home owner, so unfortunatly, i have to wait for myself to fix things, which normally takes a while!!
  • Are you kidding? My property has been sold, so I have to move to another place (it's a co-op apartment) in the same building. Everything in the apartment is breaking now. I will be out in two weeks. I'm just watching everything break. It has usually taken two weeks to get a complaint noticed.
  • I rent a house through a letting agency and so far it has been great. When we did have a problem with our gas boiler, we contacted the letting agency, they told the landlady and within the week an engineer had contacted us to sort it out. I think I am one of the lucky few.
  • are you kidding me,the only time he comes around here is to get his windows are so bad in the winter i have to use about four to five garabage bags to keep out the cold air. I could go on and on about it but i won,t.
  • I have a wonderful landlord who fixes everything in a very short amount of time, she is friendly and actually enjoys fixing things! When she can't fix it she calls her husband to call in a professional.....Oh gee there I go blowing my own horn again,its me!lolNo I do not allow hubby to do ANY fixing in the house...he either fixes it worse or gets frustrated and pisses me off!
  • I do Zackyyy!!!!!!!!
  • I do, for the most part. But she rented this apt to us so that we can save money yet has raised the rent quite a bit since we moved in. So, tit for tat.
  • I get things fixed soon as I can.
  • I did when I rented...same place for 10 years until I bought my own house. He not only fixed things when they needed fixing, but he even make me a nice wooden bird feeder because I liked feeding the birds. When it came time to rent out my first little house, he was the model I used to try and be a great landlord. The only difference is while it took me almost 8 years to get him to let me change the paint inside from a horrible COLD white to a nice WARM white...I have in my rental agreement that the Tenant may, at their own cost, paint ANY COLORS they love inside the house. It also says that if the next tenant doesn't like those colors then the prior must either return it to a neutral warm white or work out some sort of deal with the incoming that everyone is happy. I figure they are paying to live there, paint is an affordable way to make a place reflect your tastes. Why should someone be forced to have live with colors they hate? The "worst thing" that could happen (and never has) would be that I keep back enough from their deposit and give it to the new Tenant to paint it the colors they want to live with. This color in the living room was an idea of a couple of the Ladies who rented from me for about 4 or 5 years...I wish I would have thought of this color when I lived there...I LOVE IT and so have all of my Tenants since then
  • We do! Our landlord is my husband's parents' accountant for their business, though. So, I think we may have an advantage LOL.
  • nope i don't
  • I had a landlord who's husband sort of fixed things on time (compared to my other landlords who repaired them ONLY after section 8 threatened to yank assistance from them) but he and his wife got fired so I don't know about this new guy yet.
  • I have rented from my landlady for 7 years now. I am moving to a house I bought in November, but for the 7 years, she has only raised my rent once ( back in 2002 ) and anytime there has been issues, she is on it ASAP. I have never bugged her in 7 years about the small things, but the larger things she has always had a professional out immediately if it is an emergency or as soon as possible if it's a general fix it problem. I like renting from her because she is very laid back, but there is no better time than now to buy something, and so, I am off! When I leave, she is going to be raising the rent by $300! I like my landlady, she's a nice woman.
  • Yes, yes, yes. I live in a complex and I have never had to wait more than 2 hours to get anything fixed. There are two full-time service technicians and they are grand, and so is management. West Towne Manor, Knoxville, TN

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