• Latte Macchiato When it comes to coffee innovations over the last twenty years in America, easily the biggest development was the rise of sophisticated coffee chains like Starbucks and Seattle's Best Coffee. While coffee has always been one of the most popular drinks throughout the world, in America it was viewed as a beverage that will give you a boost of energy, at least for a little while. However, the rise of these sophisticated coffee stores introduced a flood of specialty coffees that have been known throughout the world. All of a sudden, the number of coffee lovers in the country multiplied exponentially and the number of Italian words you hear in coffee shops is a lot more than before. Another major innovation that has definitely changed the nature of coffee is the rise of the espresso machine as a way to brew coffee. An espresso machine forces hot water through finely ground coffee beans that preserves the flavor of the coffee bean. This results in a coffee drink that has a lot more kick. Although the espresso is a popular drink on its own right, it has also created numerous specialty drinks that use an espresso as its base. That's why if you go to a café these days, you'll be surrounded by people drinking a latte, a Mocha, or a cappuccino. However, there's another type of specialty drink these days that is rapidly becoming popular. A delightful confection that is known as a Latte macchiato! A latte macchiato is a tasty little drink that will tickle your taste buds. Traditionally encompassing a shot of espresso topped off with steam milk, the latte macchiato is definitely a great treat to start the day. It has a certain kick to it but has enough flavor that it will go down easily. Many Italians add a drop of sugar to this drink for a bit of sweetness. To make this sophisticated drink, just follow these steps: Brew up a pot of coffee. While it is recommended that you do this with an espresso machine, you can also use brew drip coffee to make a Latte macchiato. Boil some milk and place it in a high glass where it has reached a hot temperature but still hasn't boiled. Add some sugar to the drink. This step is optional. Boil some milk until it foams. Add the foam to the top of the glass. Pour the coffee into the glass. Voila, you now have a delicious cup of latte macchiato to enjoy. With this drink, there's a definite kick to the beverage. The ratio of coffee to milk in a latte macchiato is 80 to 20. Now you can feel like a sophisticated coffee drinker by making this drink to impress your friends. Not only will others be impressed by your ability to make such a sophisticated drink, they will be impressed by the tasty nature of the drink!
  • just go to a coffee shop and buy one
  • It is simpler to just go get one I'd say. Lol

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