• I don't think a handheld massager is going to have the power or structure you need. They are usually made of plastic and if you put your entire weight on it, plus the platform it'll probably break. From what I read online you'd be better off investing in a mason 5c or something like that.
    • kevin7600
      How would I use the handheld massager without breaking it
    • Linda Joy
      As it was designed to be used - for a massager. You need something much stronger for a power plate. Besides you don't need a power plate. Just exercise. The military has been doing this with nothing but bodies for centuries! You don't need gadgets you need a determination to do what you can with what you have! And while you're sitting at the computer doing nothing get up and shake your tail feathers:
    • kevin7600
      What's much stronger
  • you rnight be able to find that info online

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