• Essen, Germany. You can be for yourself here. It is very un-glamorous and quiet here.
  • Knox,TN in the US.Their is a nature walk trail very close to my home that is populated with interesting wildlife.
  • Kingston Upon Hull its a multi-cultural city and very friendly.
  • Chesapeake, VA near Bowers Hill (it's a big city)., it has a few museums.
  • Long Beach, California and it is a great walking and biking city.
  • chicago.......great city. clean, relatively safe, all the perks of big city(museums, opera, theater) and all the eateries you could want (trotter to super dog), pizza like nowhere on earth(including italy) CUBBIES in the world series(anyone could have a bad century!) shopping on michigan avenue, the beautiful lakefront, the festivals, the fireworks, buckingham fountain, the marathon, and a charming lack of sophistication that makes us proud to be chicagoans.
  • Nottingham, England - It is pretty big, with attractive buildings (when you look up at the roofs they have statues and stuff on them) It's supposed to be good for shopping, but i don't do that much, it's also got wonderfully high crime rates. I happen to like seeing buildings in disrepair (beauty in chaos and destruction) so thats ok. The best thing hower is that it is home to the Broadway indie cinema, the best in the UK and also lots of students (two unis and several colleges.) But whether that's good or bad is debatable.
  • Santa Barbara, California. We dont get any snow in the winter. We have had summer temps for the last month.
  • Florence, Oregon. Best thing about living here? It's on the coast and has 15 freshwater lakes within 20 miles. (Yes I like to fish).
  • Tampa, Florida. What ISN'T great about Tampa? We've got the Todd, the Mons Venus, Ybor City... none of which I GO to... but hey. It's kinda fun to see the reaction on 13 year old boy's faces when I tell them I live five minutes away from the lead singer of Cannibal Corpse and my husband introduced a few of the guys that eventually made up Deicide. ^_^
  • Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. You have to try to be lonely here. I am never without friends.
  • Perthshire in Scotland.The gateway to the mountains. The air is so crisp,the snow in winter is wonderful for skiing and the people of the highlands so warm and friendly.Freedom,piece of mind,tranquility.
  • New Orleans La. It's good you ask what I like about it, helps me to keep focused on the positive. It's the most unique city in the United States, possibly the world. We have an appreciation for good food, good music and a sense of history. Any event, any thing can be cause to celebrate. We're proud of our architecture, and preserve old buildings as best we can, considering the flood. It's a time of flux though - no one knows how this city will end up.
  • No city dweller here. I'd have to drive 30 or more miles to get to anything close to a city. But there is a little village about 5 miles down the hill. I think there is oh, maybe 800 people that live there. Up here away from the village there are 4 houses with 5 families, and one vacation cabin. One of the other houses is sort of a vacation home, too. Everybody else is family. It's lovely and quiet and very peaceful:-)
  • Madison, Mississippi. Small town charm, with big City convenience.
  • NY. I like the accessibility. If my car was out of commission for a week I could still get around. I also like the anonymity - I couldn't take it if everyone knew me and was in my business,like in small towns. I like the variety of things to do. Yesterday my b/f went to an art gallery, Sunday we're taking my little brother & his friend to six flags, there's the beach in the summer & ice skating in the winter. Movies, Broadway plays, parks, historical things like Ellis Island, limited edition clothing that you can only get in Manhattan, etc, etc, etc

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