• It would really depend upon your daughter's age. At a certain point, she can appear before the court and essentially say that she no longer wants to visit him. The reason her age is a factor is that the court will want to make sure that she is saying this on her own accord, and that she has not been put up to this. Look up your state laws on the web site - another good place is to look on your State bar web site as oftentimes the attorney education portion will give a brief overview of the divorce and custoday laws.
  • i wouod alos like an answer to this ... my daughter is 11 and refuses .. i dont know what to do she crys and gets so upset she makes her self sick
  • you need to seek profesional advice perhaps consult a child counsiler and dig to the route of the problem, if it is that the father apears threatening to her then it has to go to court since the child may be at risk, you may have to consider taking full custordy. If she genrally just doesnt want to go (For what ever reason perhaps theres a reason behind the whole father issue it may be a totaly different matter) good comunication is the key seek advice and talk this with the father and yoru child.

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