• It would be affected exactly the same as per the Law of Universal Gravitation. F=G*m1*m2/d^2. The force of Gravity can be defined by the Gravitational Constant (6.6742(10) x 10^-11 m^3 /kg /s^2)times the masses of the two objects in question; divided by the square of the distance between them. A pendulum on earth or on the moon is subject to the same interactions between masses. The pendulum on the moon would have a greater period with the same mass, as the mass of the moon, and therefore the force of gravity, is less.
  • actually tests have proved that the pendulum period does not change by gravity...but by speed...the moon is moving at a similar speed to the earth therefore it would be about the same.. and to be technical the moon is moving faster so the pendulum would move slower, by a little
  • Time period will be greater(Slower movement) The period of simple pendulum (simple harmonic movement)is T=2(pi)(square root of l/g) l is the length of string, through which bob is knotted, g gravity. In case of earth Te=2(pi)(square root of l/ge)---eqn_1 ge= gravity of earth Tm=2(pi)(square root of l/gm)-----eqn_2, gm = gravty of moon. gravity of moon is 1/6th of gravity of earth so gm=ge/6 Tm=2(pi)(square root of l/ge/6)-----eqn_3 Divide eqn --1 by eqn--3 Tm=2.4999*Te
  • T=2*pi*rt(l/g) rt-Root over l-length g-gravitational force of earth
  • This answer is specifically in response to dr james' answer. Sorry, Dr. James, but the NASA experiment proves no such thing. The attached videos show two similar length pendulums. The first was inadvertently created by the astronauts of Apollo 14 as they set up an experiment on the surface of the Moon. The second is one that I created and filmed just his morning. Mine is the same length as the estimated L2 on this site ( As can clearly be seen from the videos, my pendulum swings much faster than the one on the Moon. Since, the weight on the end does not factor into the period of the pendulum ( and the lengths are the same, the only factor that can account for the difference in the speeds of the two pendulums is the difference in the gravity between here on Earth and the Moon.

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