• The children would have the very best teachers and they would be paid much more than they are now. Bad teachers would be out for sure.
  • It mostly is run by corporations. Only the teaching element is not. We don't want kids learning adverts, we want them learning facts and figures -something Trump doesn't understand either of. .
    • Archie Bunker
      It's the left that's more concerned about making sure the kids feel good about themselves than actually learning how to make it in the real world. Participation trophies for all!
    • Linda Joy
      The left wants to keep people ignorant.
  • If you've ever closely observed a private school, you might see how certain issues are swept under the rug.
    • Linda Joy
      Its been just the opposite in my experience.
  • Whether Public or private, would depend on how influenced each system's world view. There is a place for both. My first 4 years were in Catholic school. The academic standards I found out, were much higher and their goals included religious education. If a school is operated by a corporation, it would depend on what that corporations declared mission. If its primary objective is to make a profit while training compliant future employees, then it would be and is much worse. Well informed, well educated independent thinking students would build the strongest community fabric. Corporate entities have proven over and over that conforming consumers is in their best interest. Conclusion: If you get big money out of electoral politics, and our representatives are beholden to the public interest first and foremost, then public education would gain in excellence. Profit motive should not be a factor in education,as corporate run schools would cost the taxpayer more given that profit motive.
  • have no idea
  • Both have hidden agendas..Home schooling with a tax break is the best.
    • mushroom
      You may like the idea of saving on taxes, but free public education is guaranteed, and if you opt out without paying in, you shift a financial burden on everyone else. Empty-nesters seemingly have nothing to gain from paying for schools, but still gain from real estate value.
    • Linda Joy
      Why should someone who is not sending their kids to public school have to pay for it? And that "free education" is obviously NOT FREE!! The only thing they are learning in high school is how to be a thug anyway. Why should anyone pay for it? Freaking socialist bull crap anyway! Force everyone else to work to pay for what you want to get for free! That's slavery! Pay for it yourself and stop robbing the taxpayer!
    • Roaring
      To Linda Joy's comment. A healthy, well educated society benefits everyone. Having a base line for education and healthcare increases the chances of those born into modest means or poverty, have a chance to lift themselves up and be a contributing factor in a thriving community. Also some of the most core teachings of Christianity remind over and over to help those in need. Most corporations could care less about the less fortunate. At least true representative government, we would colectively have a say in what helps us collectively and what harms us collectively whether in education, healthcare, conservation of natural resources etc.
    • Linda Joy
      A healthy, well educated society is not being produced. Government never runs anything as well as the private sector. What they need to get out of poverty is a good work ethic and apprenticeship programs. And corporations are starting to realize they need educated people to work in their corporations. They will either pitch in on the education or struggle to find educated employees. And its the Christians and Churches and neighbors and friends and family that should help the needy. The government is not responsible for funding its citizens from the cradle to the grave. Nor should it be. Such nonsense will bankrupt a government. Its been proven time and ti;me again. Taxpayers should not have to pay wages to someone who won't work.
  • Competition brings out the best. When you're the government, you don't have to worry about improving quality or staying within a budget.
    • Linda Joy
      Fortunately there are more options available today than when I was in school.
    • Archie Bunker
      There are. But also what you have now is groups like the NEA coming out against even charter schools because they know that their jobs would be in jeopardy if anyone could do anything about the shitty teachers.
  • IDK but I do know I hate the wayBetsy DeVoss is all for supporting private schools to the detriment of public schools. Hmmm most public schools are noted for minorities , ie people of color being in the majority.
  • I remember the day I went to school and found the Ten Commandments taken off the wall and saw just the nail there,, and going into the classroom to find a tripod with pictures of ape becoming man... something changed that day.. America has never been great since.
    • Cry me a River
      So I basically grew up in a SAD America.
  • it nnight be better

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