• I know how you feel, my life seamed over, but my doctor helped me. I strongly suggest you talk to yours, they can help. Its not a "quick cure" it takes time, there are still good days and bad days, but slowly I'm getting better, and so can you. So take that first step and go and talk to your doctor :-)
  • Panic attacks are often associated with other ailments, such as schizophrenia, manic-depressive disorder, etc., and there are medicines doctors prescribe for these. Don't hesitate to look into medicinal drugs as they can be very beneficial. Experiencing panic attacks can be pretty horrific. There really is no good reason not to seek medical care for them.
  • I've had and was shocked that I did. I thought I wasn't the type. But we have no control over it. I take some meds now when I need them. But rarely do..... It's about finding out what triggers them and stay away from the triggers if you can.
  • i know this may be an answer that you may have gotten before, but really breathing in threw your nose and out threw your mouth really works. take in a deep breath hold for a few secnonds and slowly breath out. i have suffered for about 11 years with therse god awful attcaks and know how life controling that they can be.of course the doctor will give you some xanax. but who wants to be in slow motion forever. please try the breating it helps me at least deal with the panic attacts without poping pills.hope it works for you. good luck.
  • I've had panic attacks, and found that anti-anxiety medication was helpful for me. I also decided to join a 'support group', for people that have panic attacks, and I think meeting other people that were experiencing the same things, was good for me as well. I think I got a lot of useful information, and helpful advice, from the group. Perhaps that may be good for yourself, also.
  • Find out about getting some Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, ideally in combination with Mindfulness Meditation. As a treatment this has one of the highest success rates for those suffering from anxiety attacks.
  • Yes I do and my doctor put me on a few different things but the most recent is called Lexapro and it really helps a lot without major side effects! Good Luck
  • I had bad panic attact's for 10 year's I could'nt go into any public place's Finally went to doc. Gave me med.s and now I lead a much better life. Still tuff at the mail sometimes. It help's to save money though:) Don't suffer like I did for so long. Go to you'r Doc.
  • I used to have them but not anymore. I have used EFT to get rid of them and many other problems, even pain and headaches. EFT is free to learn as you can download the manual and try doing it yourself. It is a series of tappings that activate parts of the body, like acupuncture or shiatsu. If you can't do it yourself you can search for a practitioner near you or get a DVD about it. You can learn about it at I hope it can help you. No drugs, no side effects, just tappings that you can do anywhere and anytime you need it.
  • YES!! i have had panick attacks for 3 years i am on meds for them but still have bad days, i am learning to control them and i believe it helps to not fear having one it is difficult but once u learn to have control over them you will know what to do to calm yourself down. goodluck
  • Start by avoiding the things that cause you stress and lead to panic attacks (I know, easier said than done!). Also, you should consult with a psychiatrist. You can take certain anti-depressants that will ease the anxiety, in fact, you don't even have to take them all the time and they do help. There's also therapy to teach you how cope by controlling your breathing thru different techniques but it's very expensive and, most likely, not covered by our wonderful insurance system.
  • I'm not sure how helpful I can be, all I can do is share my experience. I used to have bad panic attacks. I was a shy kid and when asked to stand up in front of class or if called upon or put in any kind of situation where I was put on the spot I would nearly pass out. There were times I would write a paper and then get to school and the teacher would ask me to read it for the class and I would say I didn't do it and take an F! In my early 20's I would skip work just to avoid a meeting where I knew I would have to participate and be asked to give a presentation. Public speaking is the number one fear of many, even over death they say. Then somehow strangely enough I started a job where I was working for an acting/modeling agency and had to give speeches to groups of 100 to 200 or about panic attack! So I tried meds...not good. I was calm, but also frazzled and distracted.. So I took advantage of a service my company offered my clients and started working with an acting coach. Believe it or not, acting and public speaking are very similar! After a few months, I not only learned to be more comfortable giving a speech (monologue) I also had learned to project, have confidence and character, I learned to use body language to help convey my message. I learned some relaxation breathing methods and other helpful things to do before a presentation/performance to relieve butterflies and panic attacks. Soon after that I got the idea for my company to contact local businesses and offer this service to their managers and employees. Sure enough not only did many companies jump on it, but I got a raise and drummed up a lot of business from an unexpected source of income. Nowdays I hear everyday about more and more companies sending their managers to public speaking, management effectiveness, grooming and other similar classes. I don't know what triggers your panic attacks, but taking some acting classes, is a good fun stressfree way to unleash some creativity, energy and deal with social shyness or other issues. Where some might say a hobby or sport will help relieve the tension from panic attacks, I think acting can as well.
  • Paxil. Works wonders. See your doctor.
  • I started having major panic attacks in June this year. They got so bad I started having about 1 or 2 a day. I went to the doctor because i honestly believed i was dying or having heart attacks. Being diagnosed as having panic disorder was oddly reassuring as at least then I knew I was not dying. I was put on diazepam (valium)for when I felt one coming. It did help a bit but didnt really stop them so i whent back and was put on anti-depressants called Cipralex. I only ever took one and I felt awful not long after and then read on the side effects that there is a tiny chance they could cause impotence. I thought nothing could make me feel any more depressed than if that happened so I never went back. The last major panic attack i had was at the beginning of august coming of a plane in Chistchurch NZ it was the worst one i had ever had and needed paramedics (felt a bit embarrassed realy). After that I decided i needed to properly analyse what was going on in my own mind. I generaly suffer depression and used to drink an awful lot and eat very badly as well as smoke too. I quit smoking completely and gave up drinking for 8 weeks to clear my boady and mind and now drink only about 1 a week (im at uni and that can be hard) and only beer (for some reason im sure spirits made me feel much worse). Now I am still getting bouts of depression but my anxiety is almost completely gone. I also see a counsellor which I find really helps. To get to the point if you suffer from panic attacks i know how depressing it is. Im still paranoid i may relapse and get them (which is counter productive) but before you jump on the medication bandwagon it may be best just to sit down and think what may be contributing. Even if, as I found, I got panic attacks at very random times. It could be depression and definately i think years of heavy drinking, smoking, late nights and pot really don't help. If you do any of these stop or take a break and controll yourself in moderation. I feel better now without medication and am relatively hopeful for the future a feeling i didnt have a couple of months ago.
  • I'll be honest Benzo type medications don't help that much my advice is take a medicine like Seroquel and this has been the only medication so far that has helped me along with that I take Klonopin , Depakote but I stay away from Benzo's like Xanax , Valium , Klonopin they are habit forming and I take Klonopin twice a day but It does nothing to help me much sometimes I feel like I'm better off without it

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