• Yeah, really. Where did a figure like that come from? And, I think most people who've been polled about how they are going to spend this "incentive" said they would use it on bills, not on any luxuries. Most likely what we will be doing as well.
  • i searched paulson on ab and this was the only q that came up...sorry i'm not directly answering your question here, but i hope someone will read this because america needs to wake up... i am going to give you basic info with wiki and msn links for easy can check the internet or library or anywhere else you can think of to confirm this, and find out more about what really goes on in the nation's capital... this question was posted late in march of this is now late september...obviously, the economy is much, much worse than the rosy picture paulson and the bush administration painted earlier this year... henry paulson, worked his way up the ladder of, and eventually became ceo of, goldman sachs until just a few years ago...he was appointed secy of the treasury of the united states in 2006, but not before receiving approx. $37 MILLION as part of his compensation package from goldman sachs in 2005...he received the balance of the estimated $50 million (total) in 2006... as part of the bailout package secy. paulson and federal reserve chairman bernanke are trying to race through congress right now, is this little sticking point: they want the officers of the failed firms to receive their compensation pay in full...part of that $700 billion they want you and i to pay for includes millions of dollars for people who, in part, created the current financial crisis in this country... they aren't seeking federal prosecution against these people, instead, they want them to be given millions of taxpayer dollars because these multi-millionaires won't have their jobs anymore... goldman sachs made a killing in 2007 by betting AGAINST the american economy...two employees led to a $4 BILLION profit by betting on the collapse of the sub-prime market... this company has had documented insider trading problems...a former associate of theirs has been serving time in a federal penitentiary for over a year now because of pleading guilty to one such scheme... now their former ceo, who just happens to be treasury secretary of this country, wants taxpayers to pay for the financial mess created by investment bankers and the federal reserve...

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