• no i don't think it's possible. human cells degenerate as we get older, our body effectively breaks itself down.... In my humble opinion though, there won't be ANY life on earth in 500 years anyway... :P
  • How confident are you of predictions 500 years into the future?! It is, however, PLAUSIBLE that biotechnology will advance to the point that we can control or reverse all aging and disease, most likely using nano-machines. Even more far-fetched scenarios involve "downloads" of your brain into storage media. It's all science fiction at this point.
  • as long as religion doesnt hamper the advancment of science any more that is possible
  • Who cares, we'll be dead!
  • I think it is inevitable that we could do so if we wanted - and by then we may not want to make it legal for everyone! Advances in all fields are coming increasingly rapidly and 500 years is a very very long time in science.
  • In the 1950's they were predicting that our houses would be controlled by computers and that we would all of flying vehicles by now. That was just 50 years ago. If they were that wrong about just 50 years in the future, how can we believe predictions of technology 500 years in the future? - Additionally, I don't think that immortality is really a good idea. If no one died, then we would very quickly run out of room for everyone. There are those that are complaining that we are already overpopulating this planet. Imagine if there were no one dying to make room for the new children.
  • NO I don't
  • Lets hope not.
  • Not only I don't think is possible but also not a good idea.
  • Not only possible but inevitable. As for timescales who knows? Optimists like Kurzwell and fellow singlularity enthusiasts would put a far lower figure on this. Whilst I think it is always dangerous to predict the future (Glenn makes a valid point) we can be reasonably confident about some things (accelerating change seems to be the case especially in computing) and we will be in lord knows where by 2050 let alone 2500. The advances in nanotech are some of the most exciting and intriguing, we've known about this microscopic stuff for a while, now we are on the verge of manipulating nature on the nano scale. Imortality may be closer than you think ;)
  • If people are born and nobody dies, can you imagine all the kinds of catastrophic events that could bring? Not only I believe it's an impossibility but also a bad idea. I just can imagine my kids messing with my money for eternity.

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