• Try giving him a bone or other dog treat when you go out into the yard. Maybe if you make friends with him, he will forgive you for hosing him down and quit barking at you. Seriously, sometimes winning them over is easist.
  • I think you should discuss with the neighbor about giving any kind of treats to the dog. Also, get the dogs name, and start talking to it. I had a similar problem with a neighbors dog... I would just talk with the dog, and it would eventually stop barking... one day, I tried something different... I ordered the dog to "Sit!". To my shock, the dog immediately shut up and sat down. I called him a good dog, and he waited patiently for a release command. I subsequently discussed this with the neighbor, and asked if it was okay to throw the dog dog treats for being such a good dog. My neighbor was okay with that. Positive reinforcement works.
  • Let it be known that according to the Humane Society. It is illegal to "hose down a dog." The reason being, the dog is the personal property of your neighbors. It is not only considered in-humane, but it is also considered damage to private property. If your neighbors have witnesses to your "hosing down of the dog" they can press criminal charges.
  • I have a problem with my neighbor’s dogs that constantly bark day and night. At first I thought it would stop but it went on day after day. I work long hours but I am constantly awakened by the barking dog many times during the night. You cannot imagine how frustrating this is unless you have been in this situation. I finally ended up going on the internet to research my problem. I have two options that I want to try but I wanted to get your opinions. There is something called The Barking Dog CD from that stops dogs from barking by producing a sound that is silent to humans. My other option is to get an air horn and scare the he** out of the neighbor's dog. I do not know what else to do.
  • make friends with the dog
  • I would start with a nice friendly warning, after all this is interfering with your quality of life. Then the next step would be a complaint with law enforcement. If you are the type that likes to take care of things yourself a nice loud air horn works wonders.
  • Old question...reoccurring problem! YOUR BEHAVIORS are training, reinforcing the dog's unwanted behaviors! SURPRISE! It is a dog's nature to bark, protect their space. Especially against those THINGS, PEOPLE..the dog can not see, but can HEAR! If you hose the dog down, yell at the dog to shut up, or otherwise give the dog ANY attention, especially negative attention or hostile attention...YOU ARE CONFIRMING TO THE DOG THAT YOU ARE A POTENTIAL THREAT AND NEED TO BE BARKED AT, DRIVEN AWAY, and a general all around PROBLEM. Dogs do not think in the supposedly LOGICAL ways that humans are supposed to. That's just a fact. When you have YELLED AT THE DOG...what the dog hears is YOU BARKING AT in effect YOU HAVE MADE THE PROBLEM A LOT WORSE THAN IT NEEDED TO BE. Speak with the owners, POLITELY AND CALMLY...(because, after all...don't you WANT them to do something to help solve the problem you have accidentally made worse?) You want the dog to stop you have to stop your behaviors, and enlist the owners help. If they refuse to participate (and you may have contributed to their lack of concern too) then contact your local NOISE ABATEMENT office. Find out what the laws are for your area regarding barking dogs, and dogs kept outside continuously. In some areas the law may not care if the dog is kept inside of the house and barks...however, a dog kept OUTSIDE or in a Garage...may have specific laws that cover constant barking! But FIRST...get your own behaviors under control; or they may have a case against YOU, for contributing to MAKING OR INDUCING THE DOG...TO BARK!
  • Make friends. Works every time.

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