• yep I got fined and I told them to stick it...they then sent me a bigger fine and again I told them to stick it..they then sent the sheriff to do a money or the body thing they do he was not impressed to find out I had been in hospital for a month getting my knee's done and was in thigh to toe plaster and that I had informed the court of this on 3 occasions (and I had copies showing I did)... now this little exercise cost the court close to $1000 and all because they couldn't be bothered to check their 'in' but I have known other people who have also been fined and everyone got off
  • In California one can be fined up to $1,500 for shining on JD. I completely overlooked a summons in 1991(?) but that was before they implemented the penalty provisions. *cool* In summation, I never have.
  • yes ...tons
  • I noticed here in california a few years ago. Lots of people started showing up for jury service when they started fining for not showing. So there probably is some charged a fine. However, I have found that if I got to jury duty & during the initial interview tell them I have a vacation planed & attempt to be very honest as I can about everything they ask me. They will then kick me off jury duty. Especially if I tell them about a friend or relative I have who is in the medical profession. Squirrly Turtle
  • A friend did not show up for jury duty and they put a warrant out on him and the sheriff came to his house and arrested him he stayed in jail for the weekend until he could see the judge that monday the judge let him go but he had to pay a fine of two thousand dollars this was in Florida.
  • We do not have the system of Jury to arrive at the Judicial verdicts in our country India. It has been abolished after independence.
  • Yes many. My question is, has anyone ever been jailed FOR showing up, because they were called there on a ruse? That's my worry!!!!!
  • no, i dont get letters about jury duty that often

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