• Pain is temporary, but luck never runs out.
  • I suggest you have the dentist take one at a time unless they are very painful or impacted. Don't go by the past. Give this person a chance and make sure you tell the dentist about your past experience. If the dentist seems understanding and reassures you then don't worry. But....honestly if he/she seems like they don't care then walk out and go to another dentist. That's what I do with any doctor or medical professional. If they are not understanding, empathetic and reassuring I do not let them touch me now. I have had bad experiences also.
  • LOL.. nothing much we can say , maybe you could ask for having only 1 pulled off at the time. 2 of them is like twice the injections and the pain.. good luck anyway ... see, it's always good to keep some valiums at home :)
  • Good luck. You'll be in my thoughts. I know it's a scary thing to get teeth removed, but, just remember, this,too, shall pass. Just don't plan anything for a couple of days except rest and relaxation, and be sure to get a prescription for painkillers.
  • Sedatives. Take two!! Or get knocked out. That is the only thing that works for my husband. He was punched by a dentist as a child. Good luck.
  • I've had a dental phobia for years and usually the dentist should sedate you according to what degree you have. I remember the first time a had a tooth pulled...I was freaking out......I went through with it anyway and after it was was the easiest procedure I ever had.... (cleanings are the hardest because the sides of my teeth are so sensitive) I've also had dentists who could've have cared less. They would say things like "Cmon it's not that bad" Ask for Nitrous Oxide and it should take the edge off. I know this isn't eazy but you can do it......Find a way to endure and you'll be relieved that you did.
  • Why are you having them pulled? Unless they are giving you trouble wisdom teeth are best left alone. If they have to come out definitely take them out together, but don't let the dentist talk you into pulling them unless they are trouble. My dentist wanted to take mine out long ago because he said they were all impacted. All but one grew in perfectly straight and only one gave me trouble and I had it removed last year (I'm almost 40 now). It was no big deal until I developed dry-socket which was very painful, but if I didn't get dry socket I probably would have been able to go off the pain killers after a couple of days. No big deal. Good luck Sweetie.
  • You will be ok, they will numb you and make sure you are comfortable. If you don't feel numb just tell your dentist and he will give you more numbing meds. Good luck! You'll be ok!
  • I feel like an awful lot has changed over the decade. The procedure has been so commonplace that everyone I know, myself included, have gotten all four pulled. Most of my friends are laughing and acting normal a mere few hours after surgery. Good luck; get a good night sleep!
  • Which 2 are you going to have removed? The tops or bottoms?
  • I wanted to thank everyone for their encouragement. The procedure was, well, I don't remember because they gave me general anesthesia. I fell asleep and woke up to the procedure done. I did tell the dentist of my horrible experience and he reassured me that I will be fine and he will do a great job on me. This, of course, was after I had a nervous breakdown in the waiting room, crying for about a half hour out of fear. I am healing fine, taking my antibiotics and advil seems to be keeping the aches away.
  • Start drinking heavily.
  • talk to your dentist about it
  • maybe you should have another dentist do it

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