• Food, well in about 900 million years the planet will be too hot for life as we know it. However, that gives us enough time to evolve to cope. So I think as long as the planet exists in orbit of the Sun, roughly 4.5 milliard years, there will be life and thus food. Oil, well it's anyone's guess. Some say there's more than enough and others say that we've pretty much used it all up and the public don't know about it yet. Regardelss, we'll use other means of energy when we do run out: Elecricity through nuclear fission or matter-antimatter annihilation.
  • I'm sure we'll be fine. Don't worry.
  • The oil won't run out. It's as simple as that. As the futurist Glen Hiemstra likes to say, the stone age didn't end for lack of stones, the wood age didn't end for lack of trees, the coal age didn't end for lack of coal, and the oil age won't end for lack of oil, but when technology finally outcompetes our present cheapest energy source with something even less expensive, and cleaner. Saudi sheiks know this. That is why they want their money now. Unless the next energy source is sand, they need to diversify. We are growing more food all the time. As agriculture and science work together more crops are raised (and people fed) every year. However, this growth is being slowed by idiots who create false fears of "Frankenfoods" allowing people to starve to death so that they can feel better about their "organic" foods (ever had a non-organic steak?).
  • About two days.
  • I think in 2012 we will all have a huge supply crisis that will lead to World War 3. Scientists have found that if humans didn't use steroids on plants to increase productivity on 2007 all humankind would undergo 3 months of no food.

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