• This collection of picture was taken on the 21st and 22nd of March of 2008. Correct me if I am wrong(and I know some of you live for THAT!) those are the 2nd and 3rd days of "Spring" right? WI sucks!!!! Global Warming my fat arse Al Gore!
  • You must have gotten the storm that missed us here. We usually get at least one storm every March with a foot of snow. Instead, we are getting some fifty mile an hour winds with a wind chill hovering around zero degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Yes we got hit and are still getting snowed on..It's been snowing like this non-stop for a couple of days and doesn't look like it is gonna stop any time soon.
  • It's going Great!! It's about 10 degrees outside, with 35 MPH winds..I like your pictures, isn't snow so cool? Where is the Snow Blower Operater? Or does it run on auto pilot?:)
  • Went to the King Of Prussia Mall almost every night. if youve been there, you might know how many calories i burned. lol
  • Not buried in it this time, YAY!! I am not wanting any more of it. It hit us when it missed you several times already... It's been about 35 degrees here and rather wet, though.
  • Close Cap'n....It was rain and hail, but no snow. We are threatened with more tomorrow...snow, maybe. This is the craziest Spring I can remember. I think we are going into a new weather cycle that may last for a long time. "Where are the snows of yesteryear"?
  • No, can't say that I did. I miss snow :( We don't get that much here anymore (VA).
  • Dang Cap'm! Thats so cool! I wish it would snow here! :D
  • Well that makes me feel slightly better after spending several hours in a cold damp deserted cave on Friday. And trekking down a Welsh mountainside in freezing cold hail. (but not much...)
  • Ah! I *want* snow! That looks so cool. We had a tiny bit yesterday. Which was basically nothing. Now it's just bloody freezing...
  • What Spring?? I won't be able to get to the compost pile for many weeks yet. I can't even see it!!! It better not get me after you!! I mean it.
  • AHH And half my family is going to Florida while the rest of us go to the dells. Looks like we got the short end of the stick!
  • Wisconsin??
  • The snow sucks..we only got an inch, enough to make the roads slick. Heyyyy...cute doggie!
  • It looks beautiful but cold,we have only had a flurry of snow this spring didnt even last a day.
  • Like everyone else, too flaming cold, wet, dark depressing, but NO SNOW except for some pathetic flurries that couldn't even land, and NO I don't want any of yours, ta :-) Looks like you've been kept busy then Jack! Only Wrigley's been enjoying it in your household... soppy dog! Hope it cheers up for you soon =D
  • It's going okay; as for snow, it's pretty much a coin toss here in Illinois. Don't worry, summer will be here soon! :)
  • Spring is running about 5 to six degrees cooler each day on the average. It has been wet and the winds have been stuck out of the Northwest at about 5 to 7 mph, so it has been chilly. We have had a fair amount of sunshine these first days though. (Here in Central Pennsylvania)
  • Southeastern PA seems just fine right now. We are supposed to get into the low fifties today and it is supposed to get warmer throughout the week. The only thing is, my campus floods easily... so spring isn't exactly fun here when the April showers get here.
  • Wheeeeeee! Capt., lets go tobogganing or sledding or snow tubing. I've never had the chance to do any of those.

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