• It is possible But you can also say that you provide him shelter clothes lights in other words you provide for him what he needs other than making him pay for the foods he wants and that you are trying to teach him the value of a dollar and responsibility.If he wins you may only be told that you can not make him buy his own food however you can take some of his money a put it away in the bank for him as a savings account.I don't know if this helps you much but I really don't see a judge siding with a child over something like that. How is he paying for a lawyer?
  • look let them try I would tell them to blow it out their arse!!... better still tell them you will start to charge him room and board at $75 per week ....this is a bloody joke and I would be letting him know that its time he found somewhere else to live
  • This is nonsense and no judge will find in your son's favour. The lawyer is simply taking on the case to make money from someone gullible.
  • Please tell me you're joking. I am not a lawyer, but I see this getting thrown out of court as frivolous. The lawyers ethics are clearly lacking. If I had pulled this, my mom would have kicked my arse from here to Australia and back. . .10 times (or more).
  • wow.. mixed emotions. first of all, why do you make him buy his own groceries?! i'm 15, and i have a job, but my mom doesn't expect any of the money from my paycheck (unless i owe her money). i'm not sure what i really feel about him sueing you, don't know if it's right or not. i'd really have to know more of the background before i judge.
  • I think it's good that you have your son buy his own groceries. It's part of him learning to become a man. He apparently isn't some little boy if he has a lawyer. If he lives with you and he pays no rent, he has no reason to complain. If I were you I wouldn't change a thing. If he wins the case, so be it. Then you can buy his groceries. For his birthday I would recommend that you give him the book "Man of Steel and Velvet" by Aubrey Andelin. Click on "Bookshelf."
  • This is why they shouldn't have lawyers at the food court in a mall. No, there is no way he can win the case. There's no way it will even go to court.
  • Just pay for his food until he turns 18 dang.
  • Without knowing what jurisdiction you are in, I will have to give a generalized answer. As a parent, you do have a duty to support your child. Thus, if your son is not eating because he chooses not to buy food, then you could be violating that duty. However, this is not a civil matter. If you are not supporting your child, it is the county (or sometimes the state) that will take action. My recommendation is this: start paying for your sons food but ban him from working. Let him decide how important having that extra spending money is.
  • Why do you expect your 16 year old to buy his own groceries? It's your duty to support him and his needs until he's a legal adult. You are not responsible for his car, insurance and other 'extras', but necessities like food are clearly a parents responsibility. I'd be surprised if you don't end up with a Social Services investigation on your hands.
  • I think part of it depends on whether you exercise ANY parental rights? Is your child emancipated? Does your kid follow ANY rules that you would not enforce on any other tenant? What are the terms of your lease? While some here may think that children are property until age 18, I am saddened that every POPULAR answer posted as I type seems to be based on a visceral "You own him AND his paycheck" attitude instead of any actual law. Once again, points are based on giving answers people want to hear instead of giving answers that are useful. */me shakes head*
  • 1) what kind of 16 year old has a lawyer? 2) if he's old enough to have left school and to have a full time job, then he's man enough to buy his own clothes. If he's not at school then he's not a kid anymore. 3) despite no. 2, he lives at your house without paying rent? Don't know what would happen. I've heard of some pretty stupid law cases in the US.
  • at 16 i don't think he should've been buying his own groceries. but why on earth does he have a lawyer? and i think if you're helping him pay for everything else he probably wouldn't win the case. what concerns me more is the type of relationship that must exist between you two. hopefully that gets put as first priority and things work out for you two.
  • its probably cause hes still underage, not sure what will happen
  • No. Not unless you get some liberal judge. But you still have to fight the case in court.

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