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  • Because vodka is MUCH more palatable with a mixer. For goodness sake, find some orange juice!!! :o)
  • Humour welcome ? Hmmmm, I don't find the question funny. There is a time and a place for humour, I don't think this is it.
  • just drink the vodka and laugh about the past
  • You may be worthless, but with six billion people in the world, it would be most arrogant of you to say that you are the most worthless person in the world. It is your duty to tour the world searching for the most worthless person in the entire worldm and give then the vodka and tranquilisers. Only after diligent research has confirmed beyond reasonable doubt that you are the most worthless persoe alive can you take them yourself.
  • humor welcome ? in that case I can't think of a reason why you shouldn't.
  • Please , just wait patiently for the aliens like the rest of us, They WILL come back for us...
  • Suicide is not something about which to joke. As for value, everything every human ever does has no value in the long run. All of humanity will be but a blimp in the cosmic timeline. The reason we should live is to make ourselves and others happy. Happiness is enjoyable, right? Go, be happy!
  • Because it would make spaceballs evil clone, Spaceballs sock puppet, and Anonymous Spaceball feel so alone without their mentor.
  • Because some other poor bastard is going to have to clean up any mess you leave behind. Stop being so self obsessed who the heck is goingto run your Sockpuppet Empire. you selfish sod.
  • you're not worthless my good friend. you're a human being which are very intelligent, inventive and productive creatures. worthless things in my opinion: mosquitoes, silly putty, spinner rims, high-heels, decaff coffee, one-way roads, etc....
  • Because most likely the mix won't kill you, even taking high class benzos and a huge amount of vodka won't kill you unless your swallowing hundreds of pills. Honestly, what you WILL do however, is ruin your liver at the least, while probably scaring your loved ones to death, and possibly causing some brain damage from lack of oxygen on the off chance that the mix does incapacitate you enough to force you to stop breathing. I guess living as a mentally retarded shadow of your former self is appealing huh?
  • Well, you could be constructive. I had the same revelation the other day, only I decided to join the Peace Corps.
  • No reason at all. Join the rest of the losers. Don't even think about the beauty of the human soul and the worth we all have in just being given the gift of life. YOU FOOL.
  • things. always. get. better. they may get worse, but...
  • To borrow some words from Bon Jovi: "Everybody's perfect, God makes no mistakes" Hang in there, it will get better
  • Because think of how you will be found after your dead. It is possible that you will probably have vomited and couldn't rouse yourself enough to move and you have probably choked to death on your own vomit...YUK, when you die all your muscels relax so anything in yur bowel is now in your pants....not a pretty sight is it? Think about the people who have to clean up after you. Think about how you would feel if you had to do that for someone you cared about? (I didn't ask if they cared for you only if you cared for them!) So put the tranqs away have a shot of vodka, put the bottle away have a shower, put on clean cloths, gird your loins (metaphorically speaking) and try again. Keeping trying and one day you will be amazed to find that this question I am answering as become a silly thing. BTW I don't find these kind of questions funny at all.
  • First of all you will feel very s..t! Lets try somethng different: Go out and I can gaurantee you a good night, take 1 Prozac and 1 Viagra, reason being, if you dont GET a f..k you dont GIVE a f..k!
  • cos thats the cowards way out, dont you think a lot of us feel like you do? anyway, all you will do is be zonked out for the next 15hrs, and then youll wake up with a bang head lol
  • I know you didn't mean to be disrespectful to those folks out here who do feel like that almost every day. I have a sense a humor but I wouldn't feel right making a joke about feeling worthless.
  • It’s almost a cliché. Everyone knows the British are tragically and universally depressed. It’s the bland television (minus The Office), bad weather and Gordon Ramsay. Look at every picture you see coming out of Great Britain. Dour faces, gray skies, pale skin. Seriously, I’ve heard that in Rotherham, if you can hold off stabbing yourself until 55, you can be considered for martyred sainthood. Don’t live up to the goddamn stereotype. Besides, suicide is so melodramatic. I thought you all believed in restraint. :)
  • We're all worthless. Welcome to reality! :D In any case, you should be made to suffer like the rest of us.
  • You aren't worthless...Christ died for you, therefore you have worth.
  • Because that would be a waste. You dont deserve the vodka, or either one of the tranquilizers
  • Probably shouldn't take them 'cause then we'd have to suffer thru another song about how all the papers had to say that your body was found in the nude. One's enuff...he was strecthing it with two...three's just not on the cards.................or at least wear jocks
  • You dont want to end up like Johnny. Johnny died one night Died in his bed Bottle of whiskey, sleeping tablets By his head Johnny's life passed him by like a warm summer day If you listen to the wind You can still hear him play........ Don't you know That you are a shooting star,..(don't you know, don't you know) Don't you know that you are A Shooting Star And all the world will love you Just as long as you are?
  • Dude, what you just said is exactly why you SHOULD live. If you're worthless, be proud of it, and when people ask you for a favor, just say screw 'em. Strive to be the best damn insignificant prick in the universe!
  • ...very few have not seen the same thoughts and temporarily bought into them as real....; if you don't enjoy how you feel in these thoughts about you, drop them... thoughts are the one and only thing we choose; experiences follow...not the other way around... accepting and maintaining the unfriendly and high-drama conclusions about you is more stressful than anything else.... hint: the reason your conclusions are stressful or depressing is because they are utter nonsense; your real self is in tact, whole, innocent, and quite perfect...accepting this is merely a choice, but one in which you'll find yourself not only at ease but laughing your *&# off...
  • Why dont you try and talk to someone. Im a 31 year old man ive went through hell with depression, lost the best years of my life through poor health but just have to keep fighting on. suicide isnt an option, why and not try and talk to someone.
  • You shouldnt take them all because it would be a waste of a potentially good high. Take a couple of shots and one pill. Thats my best stab at humor.
  • Because it would kill you.
  • I'm sorry that you think you're worthless. I bet you've got more going for you and more to live for than you can imagine at this moment.
  • why talk about it? you could of done it by now...
  • Ive thought the same things in the past. In an existential way, we're all worthless and everything everyone does is pointless. Anyway, its my personal opinion that actually completing the act is the most selfish thing you could ever do. By typing on a computer, you show that you are at least financially stable enough to own one, therefore you must have food, clothing, and shelter. That puts you in a better spot than millions of people. Also, it indicates that you arent somewhere where oppression, genocide, or war is occuring. Again, that places you ahead of a couple more million people. So, it could be assumed that you are not living in a third world country, poverty, or debilitating physical condition of constant agony. These people dont end it because they feel worthless. They continue their struggle and desperation every day, without such conveniences or even considerations of suicide. Sure terrible things happen to us, but we also do not have it as bad as other people. For the sake of comparing our lives to theirs, giving up ours seem incredibly wasteful. We have means, opportunity, priveledge. Doesnt it just seem a bit silly or selfish to take every advantage you have, that others suffer and die without, and just throw it away for such a pathetic reason? Thats my reasoning. Besides, Id be willing to take that vodka off your hands for you..
  • i was going to go with the "no, no don't do it - life will get better approach" but i think you are smarter than that. So lets put it this way - Imagine the pain and suffering your family will have to go through simply because you choose to end one moment of suffering. give it time and this feeling will subside - if it doesn't - it's because you are not letting it. i used to think the same thing - that i was worthless and wondered what was the point of me being here - but there is no way you can realise the affect you have had on people, really and truly. so how do you know that nothing in your life has ever been of value? i realised that everything i do makes a differance - sometimes i don't always see it till later - and the things i've done goes of in it's own direction to make waves somewhere else. suicide is selfish - you are not the only one suffering on this planet so get over it. if your life is miserable then do somthing about it, dying makes changing your life a tiny bit difficult though...
  • Because if you share with us , it would be a killer party !
  • youve gotta stay alive - at least until you pay me back the money you borrowed!!!!
  • i feel this statement is valuable(even if its the only thing you ever did well, which i highly doubt that it is) because it shows that you care about other peoples opinions rather than making all decisions based on selfishness. i can tell you are sorry for what you haven't done but you also need to be sorry for the things you have done and admit them if you want to live towards positive change!
  • cuase god dont want you to, maybe you should ask him for help instead

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