• If they were racist against any type of people. I adore everyone. :)
  • that they were VERY religious and pushes it on others, I have a neighbor who is a minister but is not pushy, he is my friend.
  • That they have a habit of stealing from friends. I have been burned to many times to trust a thief.
  • Having just one big eye in the middle of his/her forhead.
  • Racist and/or selfish. That would disqualify them and push me away.
  • They don't accept me for who I am or try to change me.
  • Bigotry - against a color, race, religion, class, sexual preference...
  • If I learned that they were bigoted then I'd avoid the hell out of them after that. I was once really attracted to this woman until I heard her use the "N" word. /w
  • GOOD friend, probably if our faiths were different. Just a friend, I'm not sure, I try to accept everyone where they're at(try being the key word) =)
  • biased and prejudiced keeps anyone off my list. ,
  • I will give you an example of a real life situation. I met this girl though a family member. She is the coolest and very outgoing. When she's around we laugh and have a good time. She's someone who can be the life of the party and I'm the one who tells the jokes and makes people laugh so we mesh. She is also a girl who spends her weekend nights going out to bars and dancing and having fun. I personally have no interest in going anywhere after 10PM let alone to a bar or club. I don't even own clothes that trashy (lol). She calls everyone her best friend and to me that is lacking a genuine quality. I like her a lot but really our lives just don't go together...that's why she can't be my GOOD friend...She asks me to go out with her and I dont drink so that's not appealing to me. She doesn't have a car and I dont want to dive an hour to pick her up and drive her around anyway.
  • Someone that is not a good parent

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