• Hopefully, you mentioned this to the salesperson prior to completing the sale. Whether or not this is possible depends on the laws where you live and/or the terms of your sales contract. The dealership will likely work with you if you notify them promptly and purchase another car from their stock. If you intend to purchase another car elsewhere, unless there is a local law in your favor, don't expect to get much help from the dealership. If you are just looking to get your money back in exchange for the return of the car, usually local laws only apply to cars that are deemed to be lemons. Who knows, it wouldn't hurt to call/go down to the dealership and discuss it with them.
  • Depending upon the dealership. I put $1000 down on a car at a dealership. Went across the street and found a great dealership that treated me great and had the car I wanted. Told the original dealership the next day I wanted my check back. The Sales Manager informed me I just bought 2 cars. His and the one across the street. I put a stop payment on the check and he informed me that I would be dealing with their attorney. I have since bought 2 cars form the 2nd dealership that treated me right and went to work for them. I had a husband that bought a car for his wife. He came back 2 days later saying she did not like the color. No problem. We had the color in stock and he drove away happy. The sales manager, finance manager and office manager had a fit over all the paper work they had to go through. I left that dealership because their discomfort was more importantant then customer satisfaction.
  • YES, There is one loop hole only if you financed it the car. If you paid cash or check, returning a car is like pulling a commision check from five sales people.(salesman, closer, deskman, finance person, and general manager) But if you have a loan on it the bank cares if you can't pay it back. You can call the finance company and tell them you lost your job, and if you do this soon enough they will kick the contract. You get a call from the car lot asking you to return the car you r loan was declined. *note after you tell the loan company, do inform the lot or they will try to get you approved else where. This is a last case senerio and is not a 100% effective but have seen it done a few times.

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