• I think of Wolsey as a sycophant. Henry had more influence on Wolsey than Wolsey had on Henry. However, Henry was reportedly quite conflicted over More's refusal to acknowledge him as head of the Church - More's opinion, integrity and scholarship were highly respected by the King, who was upset he couldn't sway his friend. More even served as liaison between Wolsey and the King. I think More had more influence than Wolsey.
  • Cardinal Wolsey was, to put it bluntly, Henry VIII's b***h. He was a simpering man who was powerful in the church and happened to be brilliant in terms of foreign policy. Wolsey summed it up best when he said "If I had served my God", the cardinal said remorsefully, "as diligently as I did my king, He would not have given me over in my grey hairs." Thomas More, on the other hand, was not merely Henry's yes man. He was more outspoken and paid for it with his head. Wolsey was ever-accommodating and that scored points with King Hal. He also had a n excellent grasp on politics and was indispensable for a time. More rose and fell much faster. I believe Wolsey had the greater influence over Henry VIII, but More had a greater influence on England. Does that make sense?

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