• yes and no ...if you allow her to rub off on you then you could pick up some of her ways and then yes you would be seen in the same mould as her... but a lot of girls will hang around with female friends who are nothing really like them could be a party girl and the other a quieter girl, and while I admire your friend for trying to look after you not let him or anyone pick who you want to be friends with ...
  • If you can, describe wild, and why you wouldn't want to be perceived that would help in answering the question.
  • Yes, Because a man is known by his company... AND A WOMAN ALSO :P
  • When a girl is seen hanging around with another girl that is a "wild" girl, guys tend to think that they both like the same things and both like to be wild. So to a friend that I know, I would tell her not to hang out too much with a "wild" friend unless she wants to be perceived in the same way. During adolescence mothers try to keep their daughters away from other "wild" girls because being with them can make them seem like they are both into the same "wild" thing.
  • I think so Lisa -- I would probably stay away from her.
  • your good male friend would probably give his right arm to be her friend (given half a chance). Ignore him - he seems to have a touch of the 'green-eyed monster'.
  • I think it might be true, so the real question is... Do you care what "men" think I personally don't normally judge people by their company. I have seen the opposite too many times. It can sometimes be true ,I know. If I liked someone and wanted to be friends, I would. It is your choice whether or not you include yourself in her wild ways :)
  • There is a saying that covers this..."you are known by the company you keep". She might be a very nice person. If "wild" means she is fun-loving and likes to have a good time, that's one thing..but there are some unsavory aspects to "wild girl" so you have to figure out which one she is and then decide! :)
  • Yes.People will think that you're like her.
  • It's always wise to be in GOOD company.
  • wacky people aren't bad... just wacky, if you associate yourself with them you will be considered more wacky. god, i hate the word wacky!
  • "Tell us who your friends are & we will know who you are" Avery old Greek saying but unfortunately true!!
  • hmm..maybe you shouldn't let other people decide who you spend your time with?
  • I had many friends at one time of varied characters. I was never them and they were never me. i don't much care what others think of me and you shouldn't either. Because a friend is wild doesn't make you wild. if she were black or asian would you be black or asian too?

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