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  • no but wish i did' man your lucky.
  • You should try double penetration with her. If she is like me, and it sounds like she is... she will love it. Just use a vibrator for the ass while you are hittin that pussy ;)
  • wrong. anal sex IS HOT, especially when its all the time lol
  • My girlfriend love anal sex too. we do it 80% of the time. we often fuck for a while, and then i start fucking her ass while she is in the doggy-style position and she used one of her viberating dilos in her pussy at the same time. its really fun, and what makes it better is that after my girlfriend cums and i am ready to cup i will pull out and sometime cum all over her face or she would stick her toung out like you may in some some porno fils and i would cum in her mouth and then she would swallow. lots of time when i am ready to cum she sucks my cock and cums my whole load in her mouth, then she opens her mouth wide and shows me all the cum then she swallows it and then shows me again that she swalloed it all, or some time she like it when i cum in and/or on her ass hole.
  • My husband and I engage in a role playing game that we call Escaped Convict and Warden's Wife. He captures me when I least expect it (e.g., when I'm sleeping, coming home from work, etc.) and handcuffs my wrists behind my back. Then he bends me over and, after the obligatory spanking and groping, pleasures me as his prison bitch. It's soooo hot! Too many people criticize it without having tried it.
  • I cum faster when I have a dildo in my ass while also using my Rabbit. Also, my bf avoids anal sex with me.. he's only done it a few times with me, and I think he's scared
  • You can get her a but plug, have her use that while you are fu@king her pu$$y and she will have that intense climax she is looking for...
  • i like it alot especially when he'd go back and forth in my pussy then my i found out that that isn't good and you can get bacterial infections which ive gotten and they fucking suck!!
  • so now we all know what your wife really likes, and for sure she is having an orgasm everytime you have sex, and just for that makes you a great hubby... now have you tell her what do you really want fom her ?
  • You are so lucky, instaed of door, you are using a window, what else you want, is tight bad.
  • My wife and I have anal almost all of the time. Well, we have sex almost all of the time. I get a blow job almost every morning. She is an operating room nurse and leaves the house a couple of hours before I get up. But once she has her scrubs on and is ready to leave the house she will take care of my morning wood. Swallowing every drop of my load. About two or three afternoons a week I fuck her pussy when I get home. But almost every night I fuck her pussy to a quick orgasm and then move on to the butt. I first enter her when she is on her side or doggie and once I am able to pound it in and out of her ass comfortably, she gets on her back and we do anal in the missionary position. She has orgasms one after the other.
  • While you are fucking her doggie style, you could use a dildo or your thumb to fuck her ass and give her the needed stimulation she needs for an intense orgasm. My wife needed the anal stimulation to take her over the edge. It always brought her to a quick climax.
  • Yeah, I love butt fucking, but not all the time. If you are always doing it doggie style, try missionary style. I much prefer that. Just have to pull her legs back to get her asshole up where you can get into her. Still, I prefer her pussy most of the time and love her butthole sometimes.
  • My wife prefers anal, she claims it gives her the most intense orgasm. In fact her favorite thing to say most evenings when she gets home is "I want a cigarette and my ass fucked." We probably do anal about 75% of the time, but as suggested by some others we discovered that she gets a lot of pleasure out of a butt plug while we are doing it in her pussy or oral, so the butt plug is always handy.

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