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  • Maybe she likes the attention?
  • perhaps so mate
  • This is not appropriate behavior, when having a girlfriend or boyfriend. If it's hurting you bad, tell her that. If she still thinks its okay, and is going to do it. She have no respect for you, or how the way you feel. She's grinding her ass, on another guys swang, and yes women. When you grind your ass on us, we get an erection. So if your girlfriend is going to do that, its not okay. If my girlfriend did that, she would be having a rude-awakening.
  • You could avoid all of this by going out there and dancing with her, then she'd be grinding on you. If you are not comfortable with her dancing like that with other guys, then it should not be something she is doing. Talk to her about it. Do not try to get revenge by grinding on other girls, it just makes you more angry because she doesn't get upset by it. Mybe she is not as serious about this relationship as you are, and that needs to be discussed.
  • I was thinking about this, and I find that girls don't mind as much when their boyfriend grinds up against other girls because girls don't get turned on by it. However, when a girl grinds up against a guy, they WILL get turned on. I suggest you explain that when she's grinding up against a guy it's really turning him on, and because she's doing it they're going to think she's single and looking for more than just dancing.
  • Maybe you're not complimentary enough to her, so she has low self esteem and feels like she's not going to get it from you, so she has to get it from other guys.
  • because she's a clueless, inconsiderate slut?
  • People have different views on everything, even grinding on people. I understand your view on this because I would feel the same, she may just see it as dancing and if you let her know that it bothers you she should consider what you think... Ask her to insure you that it is just dancing and nothing else and if so then it’s a two way thing. You may need to back off a bit and she may need to calm down on the grinding. Maybe meet half way and get her to grind with you instead… If that’s not your thing then think of it this way, if it’s not you it’s someone else and its up to you what you prefer. There is a trust thing you need to sort out, you need to know that you can trust her and she can trust you.
  • All people are different. Some couples choose to have open relationships and date other people. For that couple it is perfectly fine. My boyfriend and I don't talk with ex's and don't hang out with members of the opposite sex. For us that works and we are both perfectly okay with that. You aren't wrong for feeling the way you do and your girlfriend isn't wrong for feeling the way she does. You two have different views on flirtation and do's and don'ts. If you aren't able to see eye to eye I don't see it lasting.
  • as an ex-club girl myself I can tell you it has nothing to do with anything other than she more than likely doesn't want to be tied down with you and also LOVES the attention she's getting from other guys! Its sort of a high knowing that your options are open and that other guys are into you...if she doesn't want you there with her...I think you might want to revisit if she's the one for you. I know why I didn't want my BF at the club with me....If you respect yourself and the person you are dating you wouldn't want some other guy putting is sweaty nasty body all over you. I know some ppl go just to dance but I do think a majority of girls are there out of insecurity...needing to feel that acceptance from guys...dont lower yourself to doing that with others if it doesnt sit well with you. Some girl will appreciate the fact that you want to be with her and only her...that your attention towards her is enough. Been there done that.
  • Let's be adult about this. Some people have different outlooks on life and what they do. She doesn't realize or care that the men she grinds with might be getting sexually aroused. Does she get sexually aroused? Is this some type of foreplay for her to get you emotionally crazy and her worked up. There has to be a reason for her behavior. Could she be that immature and inconsiderate of your feelings? Or that stupid not to know what's going on, she obviously doesn't care. She will do what she wants to do no matter what, that will also be with other things in the relationship, so be prepared. She's a club girl and that's who they are. Either accept her for who she is or move on. You both are "not" on the same wave length and this will only get worse, not better. I bet if she sees you grind with other girls she won't think it's OK. Should you have to teach this immature tart a lesson. No, it is not the way to start a relationship that might be long lasting. You are setting yourself up for constant heart ache with a woman like her, trust me I know. Let her do what she wants but for your own sanity learn to distance yourself from her emotionally so you don't care. See, for you not to care you must shut off the feelings for her. She might be different and be able to have feelings for you yet go out and sexually tease these men. Maybe she is not capable of having those deep emotional feeling for another person that you seem to be abel to have. Because to me that's what she is a tease. Have fun with her but never fall in love with a party/club girl. Whatever it is, you will be spending the rest of your time with her trying to figure her out. Been there, done that and it's not fun and it's not going to make you happy. There will be other issues too. It will always be about her and this and way man!!!! Find another GF eventually and then tell her she's free to grind away.
  • If you've explained to her that you don't like it, and she still shows no consideration whatsoever, then what kind of gf is that, really? If someone cares for you, they'll take your feelings to heart. Sounds to me like she knows her ass in turning other guys on, and she enjoys doing it. But when they want more, she can say she has a bf, and then just looks like a prick tease.
  • Were all different and have different morality beliefs. We don't necessarily fit into eachothers belief structures. It looks like either you'll have to conform and allow her to do it or you should let her go and find someone more compatible. Don't try to force her to change her ways as ultimately she'll resent it and rebel against the relationship. If it's a huge problem as you say cut her loose and save yourself the heartache later.
  • My question is why do you tolerate it? If this is an issue that you feel strongly about and she does not share your perspective and it makes you feel uncomfortable then it may be time to let her go and find someone that shares your views on what is socially acceptable behavior. It’s not like you haven’t discussed with her your discomfort with her level of flirting. I would think that it would not stop there… I could be wrong, just my opinion.
  • Well if you won't dance with her, I don't think you have any right to complain. If she likes to dance, and you won't do that with her, you can't expect her not to dance with other people and just sit the interest aside because you don't want to. If you are WILLING to dance with her, that's different. I think for most women, dancing is only a turn on if the man already turns her on. How I feel when I grind on a guy friend and how I feel when I grind on my boyfriend is completely different. It doesn't matter how the other guys look or dance, my boyfriend is the only one that turns it into something actually sexual. So I feel like it isn't anything important. She probably sees it something like that. But I see where you're coming from, because it WOULD bother me to watch my bf grind on other girls, because I do think that it is a more sexual thing for men. So I guess you just need to ask yourself whether you're upset with her for doing it, or just jealous of the kicks the guys get from it.
  • yea i have the same problem. she says it just 'dancing', but im like no, square dancing is just dancing, what your doing is grinding your butt up against some other dude's meat. and i mean i dont want to keep her from having a good time, because for real if I was at a party with out her, i'd feel like dancing with someone, but you know if not dancing with other people will make her happy, or at least keep her from dancing with other dudes, then thats a very small sacrifice i'd be willing to make. i tell my gf how i feel, and she usually says that its just a dance, and that i shoudnt get mad over nothing. i dont like that answer, but usually if she goes to a party she still wont dance with any other dude, so i guess i'll giver her some credit. but for real though i knew if i danced with some other chick it would upset her (because i did before and she got pretty pissed). i dont know man...not to offend anyone, but from my experiences, i've come to learn that most girls are hypocrits(idk if thats how u spell it), and dont appreciate things u do for them ( instead of being grateful for your kindness, they take advantage of it). but all in all, if you tell her how u feel, and she stil does it, get rid of her because by staying with her you arent doing anything else oher setting your self up for stress and heart ache. i mean if she blows off your feelings about this, imagine what other problems are going to come up in the future
  • You have yourself a potential swinger girl!!! Lucky!
  • look man just bone other chicks like if she grinds on another guy go screw another girl always always keep the upper hand therefore she can never do worse than you already have.
  • Hey bro man my EX girlfriend thought she could grind with guys at the club too and what did I do? I started going out on her instantly and cheated with any and every woman and didn't tell her about it for at least a year. Why? Because I saw the writing on the wall and I was not about to let yet another girl screw me over and cheat on me first. Any man who knows what he's worth should never have to deal with his girl grinding on some guy. Hell no. Grinding isn't dancing anyways. It's like some retarded sexdance that singles do to hook up. It's just an excuse to get to first base with a girl that you just met and make it seem like dancing. I mean damn if grinding is okay then some fellatio from strange is alright too yeah? Isn't it ? I mean it's not sex/cheating if she just eats a hot dog right ??? You all are retarded justifying that crap.
  • clubbin is your first mistake, clubs are for hooking up, so is any other place where ladies get free drinks all night, it atracts that type of atmosphere. but opinion is just that, if she wants to dry hump strangers more power to her, she doesnt have to do it with you watching painfully from the sidelines. I would call the relationship on emotional differences, you have emotions, shes different.
  • that's just wrong bro, i would never let my gf do that with other guys its kinda like foreplay
  • She probably isn't the jealous kind and don't understand why you are.
  • I can';t answer why she is like this....I doubt anyone can, but all I know is I would NEVER tolerate that type of behaviour....what's the sense in being devoted to one another and yet allow such intimate freedom with random strngers....I hope you can work it out with her or find a better gf.
  • She is probably just dancing - it is not a sexual thing for her. Men and women think differently. She is not the jealous type which is bonus for you.
  • She's that because your relationship is not serious to her. She's treating like a fwb relationship and nothing more.
  • 8-13-2017 That is what we call a slut. The only thing a woman can offer a man is loyalty, and she refuses to be loyal. So dump her.

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