• You asked the same question earlier today. I repeat my answer... If the property was purchased after the official date of separation and there were no subsequent attempts at a reconciliation, the property should be yours alone. The disclaimer makes no real difference, if you were officially separated at the time and did not share finances. If you were still co-habitating, the home could be considered a joint asset of the marriage by the courts. The assets and debts of the marriage are usually split 50:50 during the financial settlement made as part of the divorce. All property and debts acquired during the marriage are usually split equally between both parties. If the financial aspects of the marriage have not been settled, you may owe an equalization payment to your ex-spouse (or vice-versa). You may be forced to sell or mortgage the property to raise the necessary funds if you owe money under any settlement.
  • Ohh Yes! she can come after the house.But this is likely to happen if you divorce; so as long as you stay together you are on the safe side. :-)

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