• Women will do that. Im going to answer your question with a question, How does your husband act around them? How does he revieve their gifts? the answer lies within those two boundaries.
  • No...friends are friends...jealousy is not a good trait....apparently you are aware and he isn't hiding anything.
  • Not in my opinion it isn't. How do you know they don't send cards and gifts to women in the office? Perhaps, like many offices I have worked in, everyone is very close. More like a big family. He's not hiding these things from you, so I don't see this as anything to be concerned about.
  • Like I said I found these things. I also found 3 emails from an old co worker that did something mean to me there. He still wrote back to her and he knows what she did was very wrong.
  • Her card was too personal. She wrote a letter and it said my dearest_______ and love,________.She also said she had a dream about him and his parents whom she's never met. She wants to schedule a Reiki/singing bowl session with him. Whatever that is. Like I want her alone with my husband especially when he will be emotional.She should step back and think about my feelings. I feel it is my place to be here for my husband. Why should he go to these other women? I've been busting my butt to get everything done for the funeral.I know he would never cheat but why are they all trying to get involved?
  • Sending anything to a home address is wrong, unless it is a Get Well card for an out of work co-worker. Passing cards around the office is certainly fair game.
  • Yes, it is. I know what you mean. I've experienced the same thing with my husband. You are right. Unless it's common practice in the unit to give gifts and cards (signed by all) to everyone, it's overstepping professional and personal boundaries. But it's not entirely the other women's fault. Your husband must be too friendly to them and overstepping some boundaries as well. I suggest you both read this book. It will shed some light on how this can harm your marriage (and even result in infidelity) and show you ways to get closer. Emotional Infidelity: How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage and 10 Other Secrets to a Great Relationship by M. Gary Neuman. Honestly, I think everyone who's married should read this book. :-) Good luck!

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