• Have you seen the price of oats lately? And stable fees? And vets? I don't think you'd be saving a lot . . . .
  • YES!!! It's crazy and no one is really talking about it like we used to!!!! 3 years ago people would be ranting and raving and today it's like "oh well, whatcha gonna do?" They raised prices ever so slightly in a relatively short amount of time and people just keep paying...
  • I'm going to get a scooter.
  • Time to switch to alcohol powered vehicles. Hemp is better than corn for raw material because you can grow two crops in one season. The Ford Company made a car that ran on hemp alcohol, but it didn't take off
  • Yes and it is also time we started growing our own food to eat.
  • The problem is not that gas is going up, but that the dollar is going down. Gasoline is still cheaper than any other form of energy--if you think differently, try running a vehicle on biodiesel, electricity, or whatever, and calculate your costs per mile and per year. People who buy gas in euros, yen and gold aren't screaming bloody murder about gas prices. The problem isn't gasoline. The promise is Congress. The easiest thing you can do about gas prices is find out who your Congressman is and vote him out. Especially if he opposes drilling in ANWAR, opposes building new refineries, opposes offshore drilling, favors a lot of environmental regulations, and supports ethanol.
  • Four-Wheelers would be a much cheaper mode of transportation and think of the fun you can have, WooHoo!!
  • I saw diesel at a station near Dallas at 3.99 a gallon the other day. I can get it at a Kroger station near my home for 3.49 and I consider that a deal ! That's sad !! Yes !! It's TOTALLY insane and unfortunately it's only going to get worse. If I didn't live so far from eveything, I might use a horse & buggy sometimes.
  • If it were practical to ride a bike all year round here, I'd do that. But, whenever I have a few extra bucks to buy a new car, I'm trading down from my Cherokee! The new, smaller Jeep Compass and even the Patriot get lots better mileage, or so I've heard. Still practical (especially with the weather lately) to have 4WD. My Cherokee is 10 years old and still running great...just not great mileage. Thankfully, I only live 5 miles from work.
  • I would consider a horse for at least the summer..... Geeeeeeez this is getting bad. How high can it go?
  • Wouldn't a bicycle be less expensive than both a horse and a car? If you think about it, you do need to buy food for your horses and you do need to provide them with shelter if you have them. Since they are living animals, you would have a lot more responsibilities. Just get a bike if you don't already have one.
  • Too bad public transportation doesn't reach everwhere I need to go. What happened to fuel cell technology? What was so bad about the electric car? Big oil companies won't let that happen in my lifetime.
  • I drive a Dodge 1500 4WD truck that gets about 13-14 mpg. I also own a horse. Where I used to live (a small town of about 300 people with 2 gas stations and a restaurant) I would ride my horse up to the gas station if I needed anything. I'm not scared to bring him out where I live now if gas gets to be any more ridiculous. I'm sure fellow horse-lovers would agree!
  • We pay per liter in Canada, converted we pay about 6$ a gallon.....I went to have my bike fixed, looks like him and I will be spending some time together this summer!

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