• Cats are predators. Maybe he's bored, and pretending to 'catch his prey' before he eats it :)
  • My cats do that too. Maybe it's something to do with their whiskers touching the bowl. Or maybe they feel there is just more room outside the bowl to eat.
  • well, it may be the bowl, if the cats head is close the the width of the bowl, they may not want to stick their head in. i.e. you have a cup of cat food for example. a cat could easily reach it's head in to eat it, but will opt to knock the cup over and eat the food off the floor. sometime cat's enjoy playing with their food, especially if it's a younger cat. and lastly, it may be their way of saying "this is mine" which in places with more than one cat, it their way of getting food with ought having to huddle over the same bowl. which tends to reside in homes with singles cats as well, and instinctual thing.

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