• Yes, because it's a widespread stereotype. But I've found there are friendly people everywhere.
  • Yes, unless they have a white cone hood and white robe in their closet.
  • There are friendly people and bristly people everywhere, but having lived in both the north and south of the US, I can say there's a slower pace in the South. Generally, that means more time to smile or say thank you or chat with a stranger.
  • Yes. And for the most part I think it is true.
  • Yes. I have always lived less than 100 miles from New York City, so everytime I travel south or west, it still amazes me how nice people are there.
  • They're friendly on the outside.
  • There is a BIG stress on hospitality in the South.... there is a difference from friendlier. I've lived North, South and Central and can tell you there are friendly people everywhere just shown differently. This includes my stay in NYC. I do agree with you about the PERCEPTION of Southern friendliness, it seems to be a common stereotype. It's not undeserved, just not necessarily more deserved than anywhere else..
  • If you are referring to the United States, then yes, folks from the southern states do have a reputation for being hospitable.
  • According to the visitors to Nashville from other states from across the country, the answer here is yes. You would be surprised at the number of visitors that move to the south, once they discover the lifestyles of southern people. We are friendlier, at least where i live. we go out of our way to help each other in the good times and the bad. The population of America, is shifting from the north to the south. no facts to back this, but there is a population explosion in Tennessee. The number one city in America for the best housing is in Tennessee. Its Clarksville, Tennessee. enough houses cannot be built to accomodate the people moving to the friendly south and Tennessee.
  • In the late 70's I visited the south and found the people downright frightening. Not very friendly at all. Maybe that's just because I was a yankee, I'm not sure. I went back in 2000 to the exact same area and was actually surprised at how friendly the people were to me. The attitudes had changed in 20 years, Maybe because of more northerners moving south. It was not at all what I was expecting after my first experience earlier. I don't know that they are any friendlier in reality but the perception is there. In all honesty some of the friendliest people I have met are in the northern border areas, Upper Michigan, Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota as well as Montana. It's odd to have everyone wave as they drive by when they have no idea who you are and you have no idea who they are. The further you get from the border and the closer you get to urban areas the more unfriendly the people become though.
  • I think they are very friendly, just by their nature, the way they have traditionally been brought up.
  • There's a reason I turn on my "Southern Belle" accent when I call to complain to my credit card companies about their discrepancies. I haven't been refused my way yet.
  • No, I Believe that's a myth.
  • I can't speak for the entire south..but in a job I had years ago I had to travel to Tulsa, Oklahoma to do auditing twice a year and I have never met people who were friendlier, kinder or more giving than those folks! :)
  • Quite the opposite - I think that most people perceive northerners to be far more open and friendly than southerners, but I'm talking about England and I suspect that you are talking about the United States.
  • I've found it to be true.(not that there aren't nice people where I'm at)People would wave at you from their porches as we drove by-and my car wasn't even on fire!
  • I do, indeed, and I believe the perception is rooted in some fact. If you've ever dealt with businesses in both the north and south, you know there is a difference between the tone & courtesy of a New York rep and an Atlanta rep. Much of it is simply culture, but brashness is a way of life in the North and it's just not so accepted in the South. Northerners also talk faster and do seem to be more impatient, so are perceived as being less friendly than their slower talking Southern cousins. Though the Southerner will likely chew the fat with you, get a New Yorker talking and you'll never get away. They talk fast and talk a LOT. ;) Granted, this is all very stereotypical and there are obviously people of all kinds everywhere, but the South got that reputation for a reason.
  • not necessarily. i think they might be a bit more easy going but my stepmom's family wasn't what i'd call friendly.

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