• You just asked this question in a slightly different manner. The answer is the same. If you signed a contract, you are legally bound.
  • I think we need more info. What's bogus about it? What were the terms? If it was bogus, why did you sign it? Was it notarized? If there is any dispute over a contract, you should probably talk to a lawyer.
  • This is not actually possible. A contract requires a meeting of the minds. If you signed it for a bogus reason, and the other party took it serously, there was no meeting of the minds. This is not to say that it cannot be held against you. A court would like at the document to determine if a meeting of the minds occurred. But are you sure you signed a contract? A contract is a legal determination. Many people sign documents that purport to make promises, but this is only a contract if the requirements for formation are met. Thus, to answer your question, we need more info about the document you signed for purportedly bogus reasons.
  • if its bogus maybe you dont owe her money

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