• It sounds like you have a moisture problem. I believe there is a chemical you can use against them. Check with your local home center. Tell them you want some "slug-B-Gone". You will need to fix the moisture problem to keep the "invasion" from reoccuring.
  • This is something I saw on a garden channel a few years back and it works well. Get a shallow container and fill it with beer (somewhere on the floor that kids/pets can't get to) and they will flock to the beer. Once they fall in, the drown and you can dispose of them from their. It's an efficient way to kill slugs outdoors as well.
  • Dish of beer will attract them and then just toss them in the morning. But you need to also find out how they re coming in and block that. Use steel wool to plug small holes. Creatures (insects to mice) don't like the feel of it.
  • You might check you homeowners insurance also. Ours allows for a one time visit from a pest control, per invasion. We have used them for bees, and rats.
  • heres some ideas, get some but 1rst the beer 1 as above its best if u use michelob or bud for sum reason or try leaving sum oats where they go, they eat the oats & then the oats expand & the slugs die or try a spray mix 2 tsp of iron sulphate with 4 pints of water & spray on the slugs or try 1 part ammonia to 3 parts water & spray or try some crazy ideas, invite your friends to a slug killing party, they could even dress up as slugs or just revert to the age old technique of salt. good luck xx
  • seal up the hole in the wall or floor.
  • I'd say hot water is a bit extreme. I would just tell them no money for the movies until they clean their rooms. Not sure how well the beer would work.
  • call pest control

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