• My Mom had it done about 8 years ago. Still going relatively strong at 76. My parents had a friend who had quadruple bypass about 15-20 years ago. He's about the same age as them. He died a couple of years ago. It's MUCH safer than living with a blockage in his arteries.
  • Hubby's Mom had it done a few years ago. Then last year, she had a pacemaker installed. We just celebrated her 84th birthday.
  • Of course you're concerned and that's natural. But this operation has become very common and is done all the time. My step-father had a triple bypass about four years ago. The operation was on a Monday, he was sitting up and talking to business clients on Tuesday, and was released from the hospital on Friday. He had to go through a course of outpatient cardiac exercise which he keeps up with to this day. He now feels way better, and his golf game has even improved a little. All the best to your brother, you and your family. He'll pull through. Be there for him and be good to each other.
  • Yes, an uncle and more than a few friends. None had any problems with the surgery or after. There have been great advances in bypass surgery over the past few decades. Not only coronary arteries, but entire valves are replaced routinely today.
  • Several of my friends have had bypass surgery,two are doing very well.One is not doing well because he is not changing his lifestyle and is just totally unconcerned about it. So if your brother follows his Dr.'s orders and takes care of himself he should be fine. You and he will be in my thoughts mrshinyshoes.
  • My son was born with a hypoplastic left heart. His open-heart surgery was called the Norwood, but they had to put him on a lung-bypass machine to stop his heart during the operation. By the way, i'm only 19. He was a week old when he went in for the operation, 4 hours later, he was out and in the intensive care unit. I'm not going to sugarcoat this, its very scary and it will be very critical for the first 48 hours after he comes out of the operating room. My son was home within 2 weeks. But then died January 17th, because he went into Cardiac Arrest.
  • My dad had it done as well as an aorta reconstruction several years back. He's not real healthy now, but he's 81. I probably need it done myself because I'm losing all the strength in my legs as well as losing muscle mass like crazy down there, but with no insurance what can ya do? I'm 49 and will be 50 in July myself and I smoke like a chimney, something I know I need to quit.

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