• 1) A somewhat provocative question. It reminds me of a question I asked: And also, another one: 2) In the meantime, I think that we can try to understand the whole thing that way (I'll try to explain the Catholic view): 1. Jesus has an earthly mother, Mary, just like you and me. With the difference that Mary was a virgin (at least, as he was born). 2. Jesus's soul is "God the Son", the 2nd person of the Trinity. 3. the Trinity is one god in three persons. The names of those persons are just here to give an idea of the relation between them. However, there are huge differences between the relation "God the Father" and "God the Son" on the one side, and the relation between an earthly father and an earthly son, on the other side. The words which are used make a dangerous confusion possible. 4. modern catholic theology does not consider *any* of the Trinity's three persons as male or female, nor do they consider the validity of any family relation between them in the human sense. One could also call them "God the Mother" and "God the Daughter"; or "God the Brother" and "God the Sister"; or "God the white haired", "God the dark haired" and "God the blond haired" (if we want a name for the three of them). 5. Jesus does not have a father in the human sense. His body is made from the combination of Mary's genetic code and another genetic code that was created on the fly. Or maybe he does not even have a genetic code and his existence is a pure miracle. 6. there was no sexual act involved in his "production" in human sense. This, again, was a miracle (the Incarnation). 7. Jesus does not have a biological father in the human sense. So he does not have two parents in the human sense. 8. Jesus is not an illegitimate child. He is the result of above explained serie of miracles. 9. By the way, Jesus did not support most of the rules of the Old Testament (e.g. Leviticus). 10. As could be expected, Jesus can still be called sinless from the point of view of Catholic theology. 11. Of course, if you do not accept one ore more or the dogmas of Catholic theology, but use other theories, for instance if you are only relying on the Old Testament, Jesus could be proved a sinner, a false prophet, just a human, an illegitimate child, or inexistent. So the answer to your question will actually depend from your body of beliefs.
  • I truely dont believe in the immaculate conception, that's just biblical BS. Jesus was a normal man, and had the normal sins, and what not.(tho i dont believe in sin either.)
  • You are right, it makes no sense at all for a kind and loving God to treat illegitimate children and their children like that; and God the Father and Virgin Mary weren't married at all. The bible and christianity are REALLY screwed up sometimes (Well, a lot actually).

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