• Pray and ask God. The Spirit will testify of the truth.
  • i think god would tell rne
  • God is formless beyond existence yet the essence of existence.
  • The fact that the Bible states no man can see God at any time proves it would not be God ,John 1:18 No man has seen God at any time;+ the only-begotten god+ who is at the Father’s side+ is the one who has explained Him.+here is no need for God to appear to mankind he sent his son Jesus to the earth to teach the truth and to reveal to mankind what his son will accomplish by means of the Kingdom ,to get rid of evil on earth and bring peace and security to the earth . So there would be no need for alien ( which is very unlikely that they exist ) to present as God, God communicates with mankind through his word the Bible which is fully complete to what God’s will is and how we should conduct ourselves as his creation .
  • A full study of ALL scripture is necessary to discern what almighty GOD [ Jehovah ] wants of us...A change was made by Jesus to go from Jewry to Christianity...making all the traditions of the Jews have no more meaning...They did initially, when Jehovah was dealing direct with them, but it all changed with Jesus... Modern Jewry still functions on the traditions of the OT...but they no longer matter...
  • The Bible doesn't teach an alien will appear to mankind and say He is God. At His coming, the book of Malachi teaches that no one will stand when God appears on Earth. Malachi 3:2 "But who can endure the day of His coming, and who can stand when He appears? For He is like a refiner’s fire and like fullers' soap."
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    • Dead rising
      Smoke some pot with the alien.
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      And you're supplying the pot? Don't look at me, you brought it up. lol
  • Exodus 33:20 tells us that no man can see god and live, so if anyone or anything comes to you and says it is God do not believe it. There is only one True God, Jehovah. Psalms 83:18 says, “ May people know that you, whose name is Jehovah, You alone are the Most High over all the earth”. for more information on this subject please visit jworg.
  • Satan is very well aware of WHAT the Bible says...but does not OBEY what it says... Matthew 28: 9,20 And those who ARE obedient, do not get involved with arguments about it... The Bible instructions are clear to see and understand...No need for INTERPRETATIONS. Jesus did the simple thing...knocked on doors to tell people about the Kingdom...a NEW system, on the earth where wickedness is simply not allowed... To survive for it we must be obedient.
  • The alien would have to know the Gospels. And if he knew the Gospels, he would have to change his ways and worship Jesus. In other words, his soul would be changed. You can't be a fake God because a good, experienced Christian would sniff out the alien.
  • It totally depends on what "God" means to you.
  • Only God is God. an "alien" would be mortal and a person - God is not a person.
  • The Bible warns us about false prophets, Moses was given instructions on how to identify and deal with them (Deu 13:1-5, 18:20-22). It is likened to your closest friend, can anyone just walk up to you and convince you that they are your closest friend whom you’ve known for many years? Most likely, you would pick up any uncharacteristic speech and idiosyncrasies. Each of us is responsible for developing a close relationship with our God and Creator so as not to be easily misled by an imposter (James 4:8).
  • ask god to let you know
  • That should be fairly easy to tell if somebody comes claiming to be God then that person that claims to be God is going to want you to do what God told you to do which has helped to restore the planet Earth to Paradise and to stop dying and attain perfect health. If an alien or a group of aliens comes down to planet Earth and says I'm sent by God and he provides the means to help restore the Earth to Paradise helps us to stop with our dying process. And tells us all to worship Jehovah God and to give him thanks for his provisions I'm going to go with what that alien says. But if that alien says come on let's all get in the spaceship and go on up to the heavens I'll show you God and we can become like him. I'm going to run like Heck from that because that's exactly what the devil said in the Old testament
  • I don't know if god poops, but if the alien does, I would question their godhood.
  • The same way the VERY same way that you would recognize the falsehood of that if a human said that he or she was God.

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