• No, the server doesn't generally cook the food. If I am not happy with something, I will bring it to my server's attention. If they are non-responsive, it will likely be reflected in their tip.
  • Not so much if the food is bad. I usually request that they take it back if it's that bad. If the servers themselves are friendly and attentive, I tend to tip well. If tip at all.
  • I think thats part of tipping, unfortunately they are held responsible for everything, I do not agree with this.
  • Not the server's fault if the food is bad. If she/he does a good job being my server--I cannot complain. However, bad food? the kitchen/chef will hear from me.
  • I don't undertip the server for the food. I complain about the food and get the server to take it back until it's right. I only undertip the server if their service is bad.
  • I don't take it out on the server, providing they are nice and do their job, if the cook can't cook very good.
  • No. Only if the service is bad.
  • Yes I am definitely guilty of doing this. I think it sends the message more effectively, rather then being "That pain in the ass customer" IT's "oh,oh, the waitress is pissed at me!" I usually won't send food back, A chef that sends out bad food have no passion in cooking & I wouldn't want to find out what he did to it.& If the food is excellent I always tip them more.
  • No I never undertip, I worked as a waitress some of the time at college and as long as the service is good I always tip well.
  • I tip according to service, it isnt the waiter/waitress' fault if the food sux. Tho I might report the bad food to the manager
  • undertip the server.... no! If the service was bad.. I just leave. without a tip at all.
  • If the server did a good job but the food was bad, I wouldn't take it out on the waiter. Actually, I would try to get the restaurant to comp the food in some way, and I would give that extra money to the server. Most people take out their frustration with bad food on the waiter... so I say, let the server enjoy a little extra tip for having to apologize for the chef.
  • No no...My tips depend on how well the server does.
  • Nope. If the food is good all the other times then I'll shine it on as a very rare mistake. If we get bad food at a place that we're new to then that'll be our farewell fare. If we get a probey server who's still learning the job but is giving it a good effort then I'll tip my usual 20% of the post tax gross. If we get a waiter who's experienced and good most of the time but is having a bad day then same as above. I once had a bad, apparently disdainful server and I tipped her 10%
  • No, i undertip or do not tip at all if the service is bad, so if i got bad food with good attitude the server will get a tip, it is not their fault the foods stinks.
  • Never. The waitperson has no control over the quality of the food, why should they lose their pay for that. Tips are wages, not just a fancy of what we feel like giving them.
  • No. The food is not their fault. The service is their job and I tip according to that. They don't cook it so I can't hold them responsible for the quality.
  • If the service is bad I do not tip, if the food is bad I complain and expect not to pay for the the UK I dont think people complain enough we just settle for shoddy service and then go away and have a moan about it. Personally I speak up at the time...after all how can the restauranter know to ammend things that are wrong if you don't let him know.
  • No. The waitress is not at fault for crappy food if she did not cook it, and it she's willing to help make it better, kudos to her. Now if the waitressing is crap, that's a different story!
  • No. I would only under tip if the service was bad. If the food was bad, I would ask to speak with the manager and place my complaint there. The server only put the food in front of you.
  • I tip according to service, no matter what the foods like. Even if the food's bad, a nice server can still make your experience OK. However, if the food's good but the server's grumpy and rude, you're really not going to enjoy yourself. I really don't care whether people tip or not at my work. At my work, we have the following system for tips: All the money is pooled and at the end of the month it gets divided, according to how many hours you've worked. Everyone gets a cut including kitchen porters, and chefs and supervisors (who are on a higher hourly rate or salary anyway). This means that while I'm there I do a great job, keep everything organized, clean and quick. But the tips I make while busting my gut get given to others who are lazy and useless. Also, most people DO tip for the service, rather than the food. So why do the chefs get a share? They don't have to deal with people's complaints when the food's bad.
  • I don't take it personal if the service was bad. They could be having a bad day or it could be that their mom's in the hospital. Their are thousands of reason why. Understanding and being a ex server I don't lower my tip and tend to tip more when it happens.
  • No. It is not the waiter's fault if the food is bad. That's the cook's doing. If the service is bad, then I give the minimum tip (15%). I try to over tip if the service is average or REALLY good.
  • I'll give them 15%
  • only 15%

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