• Yep and I just did. ;) I usually positroll my friends. For me it's basically a self-realizing process- if they had patterns of posting questions and answers that didn't interest me or annoyed me then they wouldn't be on my Friends List. I like about 99% of what they have to say and that's about how often I + their posts.
  • Why the hell-ish was this downrated? I just got a -2 for saying I had a sister. Lovely :) ANYWAY, nope. I don't think I do :)
  • No, that isn't fair IMHO. I rate every good question or answer I come across. I don't focus on specific ABers and (duh) it can get you thrown in the penalty box if I am not mistaken.
  • I have picked out people before and read through their answers and rated up the ones I liked, which is what I think positrolling is? I only point up the ones I like though
  • I'm still not too sure what that means exactly. So I'll say, no.
  • I'm very random when it comes to posi-trolling. I usually posi-troll when I get a new friend. I also posi-trol when someone is very near to becoming a Sage, Maestro, Guru, etc..
  • No, I don't. I just point any question or answer that I like regardless of the user.
  • No I do not, I rate Questions and Answers NOT the people that are writing them . I think positrolling just a group of people is very unfair to the other users, To be honest I do not agree with positrolling. It has been used by some in the past to try to hide bad positive percentages.JMHO. That does not mean that I do not agree with giving points to all the good questions or answers I see.
  • I wouldn't do that even if I disagreed with the answer. That's what this site is for . . . everyone to be who they are . . . unless it's sleazy and gross. The only one's I've ever DR'd were taken off, so that's how offensive they were.
  • Not usually, but I have noticed that some of my friends answer a lot of the same questions that I answer, so when I am rating questions, they could very well end up with plenty of ratings just because we have been visiting the same questions. I also take interest in a question that my friend takes interest in, even if at first I am not sure that I can answer it.
  • No. I make sometimes a positrolling of a particular user, for instance having a look at their Q&A with overall negative points, or sometimes I do this for all users (or most users) on a particular question. I don't do this on every day or so. But I may check this more than once if it is someone in my friend list.
  • No...I don't even positroll...I don't even like the name for it. "Positroll." I don't think it works very well.
  • No not really, I do sometimes tend to read specific users Q & A's, as has been pointed out because I relate, but only rate what I think deserves rating. BTW, Your Q made me look at your profile, loved it - the Kiwi vid is sooo cute :D (How about 'Points' or votes for popular profiles? That might be nice)
  • no i've never positrolled before. i remember you did it to me once...that made me all giggly:)
  • Not really..I am an equal opportunity posi-troller. I don't like to see people downrated when they don't deserve it. But I do it for other reasons, too.
  • I try to positroll my friends and also new members. I also like to positroll someone that I feel has been treated unfairly (ie not given any points for an answer or question, DR'd for giving their opinion, etc.)
  • Umm...Not really that I can think of...I usually just give points to anyone who deserves them.
  • do I what?
  • as it has happened to me I have done it also ... it sucks to ask a question and then get a negative rating. I scan my friends questions and answers as they are easy to find, and I tend to give them positive ratings but I don't consider it positrolling. (maybe it is but I don't call it that)
  • I posi anyone and I do mean anyone thats been D/R'd for nothing ...I can not handle trolls ...gggrrr ...its great I get to break out my posi point fairy tutu !!!...:):)
  • No, just the questions and answers I find interesting.
  • Not on a regular basis, but every once in a blue moon.
  • Well, yes, somewhat. However, I do make sure to read all their answers and comment when possible rather than just handing out points. But yeah, if I consider you a friend or you take the time to give me a thoughtful reply, I will gladly return th favor.
  • yes i do.
  • not a particular user, too new for that. but I do go back and read older questions to try to give ppl credit where it's due.

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