• Even though I don't, have a few points.
  • I have 2 just like that!! Pretty lucky aren't we:)
  • Yes, yes, I do!
  • Me and my sister have a similar relationship, but we don't really show it.
  • My sister is an angel. If anyone says otherwise I drop hammer.
  • Yep -- me and my sis are completely inseparable. And we wear the same size clothes too. :P
  • My twin has always had my back. When she got married, I cursed that day & hated her husband because he was so different than mine. I was an ASS. He's the one that had tea parties w/my daughter when her dad didn't show up. And now they both have my back. I do anything for them even though we fight
  • I wish I'd have stood in that line. I thought it said was sinister!
  • Yep! Love my sisters :)
  • My sister's a chrome plated bitch. It's a miracle someone hasn't killed her. People regularly ask me, "are you sure you two are related?" But she's still family.
  • three brothers, no sisters. But I do think of my sisters-in-law as sisters and love them and my brothers very much.
  • My sister and I can't stand each other...I actually had to move out of the house when I turned 15 to get away from her
  • yes..only she is actually my sister in law (the wife of myex's brother) she IS my sister though
  • no i dont. I'm the youngest. and i dont think of me like that....not that they don't love me a ton I'm just no angel
  • I used to, I used to call my sister my "little mommy". She was 6yrs older and took care of me and always treated me lovingly. Unfortunatly life happened and when she realized that life isn't like in the movies and isn't a fairy tale, she went crazy and we hardly ever talk anymore. I wish I could help her, but she won't let us. She is in a very abusive relationship and he won't let her speak to us. It's sad because it's harder because she isn't dead she is still here and makes this choice everyday. :(
  • yes me and my sister never fight some people think its even weird we are both eachothers life and have no idea what we would do with out eachother. we are close wit the other siblings too but me and her are crazy close we have never fought and even our parents think its strange lol we look like identackle twins but are actually eleven months apart. so idk but yeah i know just how it is:)
  • Me and my sister were like that, she was more like my mum to me, she is 9 years older then me and when our parents divorced, i went to live with her for 6 years before i got my own place!, not as close anymore - i moved away and she's changed a hell of alot! still talk tho.miss her alot really xx
  • unfortunately not.really u r lucky.dont less your love in all life in future.infact u r very lovly too.u should thanks to god too bcoz he gave u lovly heaet.god bless u
  • well no i wish but i have a bro like that but not in a nasty way
  • Yes my big sister, there is 1 21 months between us. Get on so great . love her. :D
  • My big sister AND my little sis and I are really close! We get along really well. we're all married, and my big sis has 3 little girls. Makes it even better!

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