• 1.)I think being a lady means that you get newer restroom facilitys far before any gentleman, and you pretend to be offended with rude sexual advances. 2.)I think the status quo for gentleman would be well dressed and rich. Dont express yourself. 3.)No 4.)As silly as it may sound I want people to act as they are, I think the entire idea of who you should be in public is the reason for bad relationships in general. I have found with the majority of people that I have ever seen/dated the person that they pretend to be in public is not who they are at all. I cut it there, I dont want to be involved with that and maybe in the maintence and regulation of that social status quo. DUMB. Gender roles are silly, mainly because they exist. The problem is what we have made with your first two questions, and idea of what a person should be. You couple those things with that which a person tends twoard naturally beacuse they are hardwired with a gender. The status quo will become antiquated and assioated with the hardwired tendencys and all is unfair.

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