• I've never heard that, but I've heard grape not grain.. eg.. cider berr and wine.. instead of spirits.. I know it's better for you.. not sure about the hangover though.. But aslong as you're healthy, and drink a lot of water you shouldn't get bad hangovers anyway:D
  • It's NOT the color of the alcohol that gives you a hangover!!! It is the AMOUNT that you drink that leaves you crappy the next day. I have learned the hard way that they BEST way to not wake up with a hangover is to NOT drink anything the night before!!! Another lesson...NEVER give a drunk a cup of coffee with cream in it. It will come back faster than it goes down & they just say "OOPS" & you have a mess to clean up. Black coffee does NOT sober them up. It just gives you a wide awake drunk!!
  • Clear or dark does not matter in the slightest at all for me. I stopped numerous hangovers by just drinking a glass of water along with ever 1 to 2 drinks. Drinking was okey on my guts during adolescence, any more, I can only have one or 2 until my intestines scream at me for it.

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