• Alright now, calm down a little, everything will be alright. I can't say this has ever happened to me but I am sure it has happened to someone somewhere in the past. I called the men who have those nice pretty sleeveless jackets to explain it all to you. they booked you a suite at their pretty brick and bar resort. :) Think happy thoughts now
  • hey ur not alone so relax, happened with my male dog, and the sad thing is, is i don't like getting naked in front of my turtle so there beat that
  • I get naked in front of my mate,or girlfriend,and feel nothing of it.Why would a pet that is free of social judgement care less.
  • One time my cat took a swipe at my manhood. Since then, I am uncomfortable being naked while the cats are with me.
  • Never and I've been naked in front of lots of pets:-) Our cats always loved sitting on the edge of the tub and we used to take our parrots into the shower with us. They are just animals. They don't know naked or clothed. They just know shades or tones.
  • Nope, none of them except my yellow lab And that is only because he has to be RIGHT NEXT TO ME and if I turn my back to him, he nudges my bottom with his nose...and THAT would be weird if I was naked :o)
  • Um no not me... :) have you ever gone to the bueaty thearpist for waxing of any kind? (probably not coz your a guy...) but you need to strip down there too. and those are human eyes watching!
  • Why for you feel unconfortable around da wittle pussy pussies? They are not going to tell what they see..I ma sorry but i am cracking up trying to answer this question.....Okay, i get it..They are cat and they like strings and hanging things is that it? I am not being funny on that part. I could totally imagine being clawed in a precious spot... I do feel weird in front of pictures but not animals....
  • They are probably licking their lips and thinking LUNCH!!! Seriously, I have two male cats and it doesn't bother me at all. I am only afraid they will run off with my clothes. They are a couple of thieves.
  • i hear ya. when i would babysit i'd feel weird changing in front of my niece or going potty...even though she was an infant
  • Holy shit that is the most awesome reaction ever. I've got nothing for ya man, but that is some funny stuff.
  • My dog constantly has to be with me. If she isn't in my lap staring at me, then she's at my feet staring up at me. I feel really uncomfortable changing while she's in the room, it just creeps me out, LOL. I can actually feel her staring at me now..
  • HaHa thats a funny ? but yes sometimes i do feel a little "weird" lol
  • yes becaz i don't give it away on the first date
  • I have absolutely no problem with it.
  • Lol!They get mooned regularly.
  • It's a goldfish and I know that his bowl tends to magnify things. So the answer is yes ;-)

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